So, here we go! START!

*NOTICE: I might sound rude, but trust me, I’m not trying to be rude.*

LNB, as I expected, didn’t post any chapter yesterday. So, I’m here to announce that I will post chapters of KnM from today.

I have spent hours to make out a single schedule-wannabe, which is basically 1 chapter per 2 days. Yes, it’s not 1 chapter everyday, because I don’t believe in my speed at the moment, hence leading to such a conclusion.

Therefore, that’s what it will be from now on, until LNB comes out saying other stuff. At that time, I will again lay back and wait for him to do some chapter in stead of me.

Finally, OreDorei will be starting from late sept (26th, probably). CTLH got late, ‘cuz it’s hard to change some content and make one long chapter.




117 thoughts on “So, here we go! START!

  1. Gotta hand it to this place for literally making post something just for the comments sections, but I’ll quote a friend instead

    “He has a really bad english, he obviously uses google translation or some other MTL and just wing it, and he expects the readers to donate for his PC? I know KnM is good but anyone with a right mind wouldn’t fall for that”

    cue our amazement of him getting 250usd+. Really makes you think you can get away with anything in life


    • well its not dead, just redirected with donations being lumped into general since most were for mnd but got used for lesser series, so yah site dead is accurate since doing mnd isnt reasonable when people are donating to it (mnd) so he can translate, but dies easier series and take money well their will be less traffic


      • People keep talking about MnD, but KNM is better imo. Why do people talk about MnD so much? It seemed to be heading in a really generic direction of OP protag carries around a small/large harem of weaklings on his journey to remain OP. imo.
        That said, goodbye Nick. It was fun when you were updating.


        • I think what people like from MnD (if simply being a fan of action/adventure/comedy/ecchi/harems isn’t enough) may be that the MC is a different kind of OP than usual. In a sense, the MC is technically weak. He can’t use magic like other people can. But he can use magic arts and trained that to perfection. He was raised in a hellish environment to which added to his training. And his trainer is one of the strongest people around. So even though we don’t see it, he worked for all his strength and he does have limits since he can’t use magic. But he knows about magic so well and can help other people get stronger. After that, the story is basically him just on a regular adventure. No real thing going on behind the scenes yet. But then again in a little behind on the chapters.

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    • I wonder if Nick’s readers are experienced leechers or not. I follow so many other translators who update slowly or go on hiatus or “break promises”. No one complains. Nobody here has any patience and wants to talk shit (as if that will help) and even the ones who still like and are respectful to Nick are saying goodbye like it’s all over. You could just do what the rest of us do and go do something else and wait. Or go to LNB if you’re desperate for KnM. Check back in awhile to see if there’s an update or just follow his blog and get notified when there is one. If he comes back, he comes back. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t. If he updates, yay. If he doesn’t, plenty of other stories to read and things to do.

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        • And like I said, I know plenty of translators who do the same thing. (Also failure to make good on a “promise” or goal does not make them a liar) Everyone else just knows to move on and be patient. Leave a comment now and then to see if they’re still alive. It’s only on Nick’s blog have I seen so many people talk shit. It’s unnecessary and useless and just makes things worse.

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          • You know perfectly what the difference between Nick and other translators is, you just don’t want to admit. He didn’t break just one, two or even four promises. He is righteously being reprimanded by people because he behaved like a pathological liar, and don’t give me the “other groups do it too”, because i don’t believe any self respecting human could lie so much and still expect people to believe him. He is clearly the exception. People “talk shit” about him because he treated them, and continues to, as they were gullible idiots, and behaving like a dick in general to anyone who doesn’t agree to him. Really, the way he first begged LNB to not translate and then challenged them, only to fail to accomplish his own goals reminds me of Wormtongue. If he didn’t behave like this and simply said “hiatus”, there would be no complain. We aren’t as stupid as you think, luislock. A guy who makes promises left and right and doesn’t even give a valid motivation (not the mountain of bullshit he gave us) shouldn’t be trusted, and this is finally becoming clear to almost all his fans. But i’m sure you will continue to defend him to the last breath. I can only guess that you have a particular motivation or you are as blind as a mole, just as GM_Rusaku.

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            • I defend ALL translators. Not just Nick. And yes, other translators do it too. I don’t say that to justify Nick’s actions. I say that to show the futility of you complaining. But the difference between you and me is, if Nick doesn’t update when he says he will, I don’t curse him consistently on his blog especially when LNB is 1 click away. I just move the fuck on. What you’re doing, is pretty pathetic. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. Because it wouldn’t surprise me if Nick decided to say fuck it and stop translating anything because of people like you who shit their pants because he didn’t give you any KnM. Translators do that you know. Do you think me and GM Rusaka are here everyday praying for a chapter of KnM? Fuck no. We go to a dozen other translation sites and read dozens of other shit. If one translator goes MIA for a year when his last post was how he was going to update the next day, we don’t lose it. We don’t complain about what a sucky translator he was (after the hundred of perfectly fine translations he gave you) or curse him for asking for donations (even though he no one forced you to open your wallet), we don’t call him a liar when he fails to meet a deadline (cause shit happens). We move the fuck on. Cause at the end of the day, we aren’t owed chapters. We aren’t entitled to any of this shit. Even the donators are donating in the hopes of getting a chapter but are really supporting the author. Otherwise it would be a purchase.

              So bottom line, you have LNB right? So shut the fuck up, and move along. Cause staying here talking shit? Does nothing. Your life shouldn’t revolve around 1 translator who failed to deliver 1 series to you. There are plenty of other translators to follow so many other series to focus on.

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              • Oh I curse all the time dude, whether I’m winning or losing. Not because I’m desperate. Because I’m irritated. Because I really can’t fathom why you are still here. You have LNB to go to right? So why stay here complaining? Move on. Save yourself the drama of dealing with Nick or even me? Take your own advice and just leave it alone.


            • Yeah he said he had them ready. He just didn’t post them. That’s not a lie. That’s just a failure to come through. It’s not the first time I’ve seen it happen.


        • I Agree what you said if only he/she dint lied to us and made many excuses for several weeks this wont happen instead (LNB) did the job i dont care if the chapter will be release every 4 days, 1 week or 2 weeks as long as he/she doesnt lie or make excuse. instead nick made a provocation which he failed to comply with his promise again.


      • Leechers and DONORS are angry because Nick behaved like a gold digger (translator version) and never kept his schedule, a FREE translator wouldn’t receive even 1/100 of the hate Nick is getting because they ask for nothing and promise nothing so they are in their right to disappear whenever they want to.


        • The translators I’m talking about ask for donations too. No one was forced to donate and Nick would translate anyway without them, just at a slower pace. And Nick already said to stop donating. Argument invalid.

          Pftt “gold digging”. That was a good one.


          • Please don’t avoid the main points, I remember a few times in the past when Nick subtly held KNM hostage until we donated a good amount of money.Other translators ask for donations in a really subtle way and without holding their projects as hostages.
            As a reminder, Nick said to stop donating after everyone talked about that so to avoid further damage.
            The donation box is still there even though he said he will take them down, when someone is taking you for a fool in such a crude way even mild-mannered people get angry.My earlier comment was my first time lashing at him compared to my earlier warnings and will be the last, I`m done with this blog.
            Good day and Good bye.

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            • Doesnt even matter if he took the donation box down or not. It’s YOUR decision to donate or not. He already asked twice for you not to donate. I’m not going to blame Nick for someone else’s stupidity. I don’t remember anytime he held KnM “hostage”.


                • Attention seeker? I haven’t even commented lately. Nor was I talking to you or anyone who wanted to pick a fight again. My main thing overall is why is everyone still here? Whether your on Nick’s side or not, why is everyone still commenting here? Why hasn’t anyone just moved on yet?


                • So I’ve been gone from this novel for a while, probably around the time the other translator left. So beause of my random thought today of ” I wonder what KnM is up to” I’ve found these interesting comments.

                  Anyway, so if nick has been saying that chapters will be released but don’t, or that not releasing chapters from donations then it’s sad but so what. In terms of donations, it should be the donators that are angry and commenting not leechers. As for not releasing chapters, then move on to bigger and better things, don’t fill the comments with angry insults.

                  As luislock said, insults will get you nowhere. It will just get you an angry translator who stops all together

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                • Talking about saddest hiatus moments, would be that Korean novel from the same guy as legendary moonlight sculptor.

                  About a guy who could read minds and would travel between real world and fantasy world when he slept.

                  That novel was soo good. Just constantly got dropped/picked up. Then the one dude that did a lot of chapters went on big hiatus, site went down. Then months/year later site was back and think his sister? Picked up the project but never released an chapters.

                  Was so salty about that, loved that novel

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                • I’d say my saddest hiatus would be Konjiki no wordmaster (Which Nick translated from time to time). The web novel is complete with around 5-700 chapters I think and used to have a group called rainbow translations translating it but something always happens. Translators drop off the face of the earth and go MIA for months or even over a year, or they get tired of the series and drop it. 1 lone translator keeps it up with slow releases and then goes on hiatus. A rookie translator picks it up for a few chapters. Then he drops it when another translator picks it up. Two more translators say they are going to come back and work on it but then back out because some mystery person did a bad thing by releasing their personal info. Then after a few chapters when they say the next chapter is coming out soon they MIA. A long lost translator comes back with a comment saying they will help out. And then they never do. Now it finally has a translator again but I haven’t checked on him in awhile so I don’t know his status. People like to say the series is cursed. It took almost a year to get from 180 to 200. That was a roller coaster. After going through that, nothing really fazes me anymore.

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                • Mate! Same. Shield bro started my obsession with light novels which obviously lead to word master. Followed it to about halfway through that tournament with the beast guys.

                  Basically my novel reading experience went Japanese/Korean/Japanese/chinese/everything/chinese. Spend most of my days on sites like wuxiaworld etc nowadays


                • Speaking of angry commenters, that one guy, think he was from word master was getting some serious hate mail. Kirito? I think. Can’t even remember what it was about now, you did pick up and drop a slightly interesting novel about mage from this world travels to fantasy world with his friends (heroes) that worlds magic is inferior to his


  2. So when are you going to start MnD again? If you don’t really have the time or the will to do it, why not passing it to someone who wants to? I don’t see a problem of why wouldn’t you do that.


  3. I guess this is it September 5 to 19 2016 no chapters has been release. Instead (LNB) post KNM for readers and after a few days (LNB) post again in which its clearly they read the past post by Nick(Entruce) and this is what happen. If no collaboration is happening cause (LNB) doesnt know what chapter are they going to translate. What (LNB) did they translated which chapter is available while Nick(Entruce) dint translate or release even 1 chapter which makes the readers dissappointed and mostly the donators it cant be helped after what happen for past few days and promises.


  4. LNB is wreaking havoc out of the names you used. Please come back to translate Kuro no Maou. Also with the current speed of 1 chapter every 6 days is killing a lot of the audience reading it.


    • I don’t know when or if he will come back, but I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it, the amount of complaining people were doing did not help. He may be having real life stuff going on but I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t come back just because of that. You may be better off translating yourself or looking for another who would be willing to take it over. I say willing because again, it’s a courtesy to not take over someone’s translation unless they haven’t updated in 3 months and haven’t given any explanation why. So maybe you can find a translator to collaborate with LNB, or offer yourself as an editor and try tailor the translation to equal Entruce quality.


      • so…. ummm, I see that the last translated chapter of KnM by Nick was at 28 August 2016…. if he doesn’t update it anymore until 28 November then it’s “ethically” correct for another translator to translate it…. right?


        • Well it’s usually 3 months without updates and without word of updates. But yeah, it looks like about time. I’d say Dec 5 But Nov 28th is alright.


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