Hey mate, wait, you’re all getting off the road. I never said I was starting a war, and neither had I any intention of starting it when I posted before.

So stop your comments saying that I’m starting a war, ‘cuz I’m not. I  was just encouraging LNB, but being bad at that stuff, it might’ve sounded quite rude.

All in all,


I remember the person from there saying that they are much faster than me and can post 7-9 (I might be wrong on this one) chapter in a week, without waits and excuses.

Again, not picking up a fight, but just making LNB remember the time when they were in the limelight.


38 thoughts on “Whhhhaaaaaaaatttttt!?

  1. Pretty sure that Yoshi at LNB acknowledged that he didn’t translate as fast as you, think he usualy takes 2 days to translate a chap, but doesn’t have a strict shedule that he follows.

    Anyway I think both of you should focus less on each other and more on doing what you like to do.

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  2. Can anyone give me the link to the site pf the other translator i wanna check out if there’s any difference when it comes to the translations


  3. Haaaa really now although the previous post does sound rude it could also mean that you arw waiting for them to translate the chapter you didnt translate just like slime tensei were 3 people post ate a day difference but one thing though when is our chapters going to be up? Hahahaha pretty sure zome of us are indifferwnt about fights that others love to see


  4. I got that you weren’t trying to start a war (and neither am I). But I still have to ask what your expected outcome is for skipping to chapter 300. Let’s assume LNB finishes ch 295-299 and you release ch 300-whatever but then what? Do you know that LNB will skip to where you leave off, instead of just continuing? If they do pick up where you leave off, will you release all your translated chapters all at once so that LNB knows where to translate next, to prevent duplicating effort? Will you end up in a position of deadlock where each of you has translated ch 310 but is waiting for the other to translate 309? From what I understood of you earlier post, LNB has declined collaboration, and in that case I just wanted to ask whether it’s worth forcing the collaboration effort rather than carrying on at your own pace. Cheers and regards.


  5. I think you should just post the chapters.

    My reason is that the biggest obstacle for LNB to work together with you is they are uncertain of your current credibility. If you can show them that you are reliable again, they should be able to set aside differences to translate faster together. I am not certain of this though, and I do think it is a good idea to work several chapters ahead of them and then post when they get to that point. Again, just don’t do that ATM to show you are credible to them and want to work with them.


    • well the biggest problem is accepting money and not translating MND which is the better series but longer and keeping money coming in is more important than honoring donations so the translating of easier series which prompts other groups to translate in place since this group wont translate MND without asking twice the amount and even then not translate since its too hard and time consuming but we need moeny

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      • I think you should work on how you format your sentences and punctuation.

        Anyways, it is true that Entruce/Nick used to be able to post regular chapters for everything, even his own project, so it should still be very possible to do. It is just that ATM he is not at that level because or issues, whether they are real or not is up to you to decide.

        I like the LNB folks, and I like Nick. Can I trust him on making chapters at the rate like in the past? only time can really determine how things will be so I will be patient, but put faith into those that make results (LNB).

        As for donations, Nick asked people to stop donating until he starts posting regularly again, so it is not his fault if people disregard that and continue to donate.

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  6. I guess I have to read the chapters they released now.
    Well next thing you know they might skip straight to chapter 400 because of this post lol.
    Great to see your still working on KnM though, keep up the good work!


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