I’m waiting LNB, come on, speed up!

For people wondering why I’m not posting chapters of KnM, that is because I am TL’ing the chapters from 300 onward. AND HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR LNB TO REACH CHAPTER 299, AT LEAST.

But, looks like he hasn’t given out the chapter in last three days. I’m going to wait today/tonight (whatever), if there is still no new chapter from him, I will take on all the chapters.

As for the TL’ed chapters, I will be sending out the GDRIVE links to all editors in like an hour. I’m currently TL’ing 305 chapter.

If you think these are excuses, up to you, if you believe me, thank you.



P.S. Come on LNB, man up/ woman up. whatever you are.


30 thoughts on “I’m waiting LNB, come on, speed up!

      • I think the guy who talked so much shit in the past about Nick and his readers yet is still here to leech and entertain himself with a “war” is more cringeworthy than any ass kisser could ever be. But hey, that’s just me.


            • Mad? Haha I’m glad passipsip. Sure my value in entertainment is maybe a little cringy ( most likely not) but don’t tell me the idea of nick and lnb in a war doesn’t make you excited. Its like watching the mayors son fight a nothing to lose bully in school. Both will take damage or both will do a tag team of bullying the normal students either way something great to watch hahaha.
              But when its just you and me arguing its like 2 hobos fighting for a sandwich but still fun to do.


              • Umm no? Because I’m not a loser who has nothing better to do then instigate fights for some form of entertainment. Which is the definition of a troll?


  1. yay !! new KnM chapters
    thx Nick

    don’t wait for LNB
    they posted chapter 295 only as a tease and added more projects
    at their current rate we might not see chapters 295-299 until 2 weeks later


  2. Hahaha Nick just fired some shots. I’m litteraly laughing my ass of XD. Is this a new form of warfare. Where’s my popcorn! Shits about to get real. Bombs are ganna drop faster than a TR mosquito in planetside 2


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