Pretty Serious Question

Some might be hoping to see the Chapter 293, while others might have read it on LNB’s site. I’m here to tell you that, I have asked him about working together, and am waiting for the reply right now.

I have a pretty serious question to ask: Here you go: VOTING TIME.

Condition 1. The person who votes whatever option must have to justify his/her vote with a comment.

Condition 2. You  must vote only once.

Condition 3. No cursing in the comment or comment section.

I will wait till tonight for the reply from LNB, if he rejects the suggestion of working together. I will choose the option that has got the most votes with valid reasons written in comments (the poll comments i mean, not the page comments).

I am serious and not joking. If you are wondering why I didn’t post CHapter 293 yesterday, it was because I was high, and didn’t want to TL in a shitty quality, even more so when you guys are going around saying I suck at TLs. However, LNB beat me.

This probably might become the last and final post of mine to you all.
Hope to see you guys soon, if my fate calls for it.

Lastly, I just want to say, if you choose for me to leave KnM or delete my WP and LNB refuses; I will submit about 10-20 chapters of KnM at most just for the donators who donated to me and are really angry at me. And I will also complete OreDorei before going.

Nothing more, nothing less. A much as I said.


38 thoughts on “Pretty Serious Question

  1. I voted for “Should I and LNB join hands and work as an collaborative team” honestely I dont care which of you translates it since the quality of both of you is almost the same but if you two work together then the posts will be faster so working together is the best choice


  2. I only followed your blog to read MnD so my opinion may not count as much as fans of KnM but whatever ends up happening I think deleting the blog is a bit sad so you shouldn’t go there even if it was the highest voted. Try to collab and maybe do 5 chapters or so each that was you get a long break in between to get your next 5 ready and are less likely to delay even with RL issues. (Decided to post this here too just in in case)


  3. I voted to read here. You’ve been constantly providing for the KnM community for a long time. And, I honestly couldn’t be more thankful.


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