Don’t Get Wrong Ideas

When I wrote in the option of removing EnTruce, it definitely wasn’t because I’m fed up or just bored of Translation.
I don’t think of it as a job only, but also as something like a hobby, passion, etc.
The reason I wrote it was because there were some people who seemed that they wanted me to get out this whole TL community with my WP. I can’t care less about them.

Moving onward, Light Novel Bastion gave an short e-mail and a long comment (both in a professional and  bland way. Tasteless pricks) that they don’t want to do collaboration. I was prepared for that. What I wasn’t prepared for was that many readers, especially donators, actually wanted to read on my WP. My eyes teared up that moment when I read all your comments.

Secondly, I’m not in for a competition, that sucks, so I will just keep up with KnM at my pace, now sincerely trying to revert it back to what it was the last year, before my RL started shits on me.

Thirdly, some said being high was an excuse and many other problems I had as excuses, well I can’t care less about you if you believe that. I will say, those who want to read at LNB because he is an no “excuse” using person, go ahead. Don’t waste your time here, unless you have some sort of fetish to again come here after I said: GET THE FUCK OUT!

Fourthly, I will now not care about any comments saying shit to me, and will be deleted. I don’t want bad memories in my head or WP.

Fifthly, today someone donated me again, please I say just don’t for some time. And I will increase the speed eventually, as I’m pissed off at an prick from LNB saying that he TL’s more chapter than me and in good quality. Well duh, you’re in a fucking group, not me :).

Okay let’s be happy, and never contact me ever again LNB. Yes I’m pissed off. Some might say I’m acting like a child, but look if something you worked hard for over a year while struggling with your RL, only to have that certain thing taken, well I can’t see how you cannot be pissed.

I tried my best to write as much professionally I could, but yeah it just isn’t my forte.

Lastly, my fiction story that was uploaded here in short chapters, I’m going to re-write them in Japanese in a light novel format. And eventually have it published. A new LN for fan-TL’ers to TL will be appearing by, maybe december of January of next year.


147 thoughts on “Don’t Get Wrong Ideas

  1. I mean I don’t mind you translating whenever or at your pace. it just pissed me the fck off you say chapter coming soon and I wait a week for it to come out. or when you have a schedule to follow and nothing comes out, if you are being delayed then say that, like right now I haven’t seen anything coming out, are you on hiatus??

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  2. Woah they are rude, as far as I can comprehend fan’s translations are not official and there’s no obligation for it to only have one translator to work on one series, it doesn’t mean just because one translator claiming they’re translating a series then anybody else don’t have the right to translate it. It’s another thing if it’s official translation by a publisher who have bought the license to release a translated version from the original Japanese publisher (Yen Press etc), they have some kind of legal standing to force fan translators to stop their activity on that licensed series. But if it’s just fellow fan translator, then what’s their standing? It’s not like they have the license from the author either… I don’t get their logic…


    • Uwah after reading it more carefuly and seeing the previous post and comments it seems that LNB translated the chapters right after the latest chapter released by entruce+shikkaku and then they’re claiming the right to KNM and told entruce to stop translating? D8

      I’ve seen Kumoko being done by multiple translators in which the newer translator starting the series from the very beginning and the other one resuming the translation from the chapter left off by the first translation with permission. There’s no fuss raised back then, the new translators are having common sense to honour and courteous to the first translator. Can’t they follow this kind of example? It just need a simple courtesy to do it…


      • Sigh…’s been talked about a lot already, but even though I’m more on Nick’s side, there was fault on both sides in my opinion. It’s fine to have multiple people work on translating the same thing. The thing is, you don’t just take over someone’s project when they are still working on it. You just don’t. It’s really only okay if the translator has stopped translating without notice or went on hiatus without giving a timeframe of when he’d be back. The minimum you usually wait is 3 months. But even though Nick has been having a lot of RL issues that slowed him down a lot, he still was translating it and his last post said he’d be back after exams which he clarified in the comments to be 1 week. So LNB jumped the gun in my opinion. But then when Nick came back and discovered they translated chapters he was going to do, he went into a rage and posted their chapters on his website while giving full credit. And it all went downhill from there.


        • Well it all can be avoided if the new translator politely asking for permission first to Nick, just as in Kumoko’s case they can have a simple conversation:

          “Hey are you still translating this? If not may I resuming the translation on my own? Of course with credit to the previous chapters to your site.”
          “Oh, no problem, just do it. / Ah sorry I’m still doing it, though if you want to start over from the beginning I don’t mind it,/ Why don’t we do collaboration instead?”
          “Ok thanks. / Oh ok I think I’ll start from the beginning then, thanks / Great idea, how about I do odd chapters and you do even chapters?”

          ^ I still remember pretty clear that Kumoko’s case was like that, it was simple but well mannered. Both party happy. And some other cases with reasonable new translators working on same series with the old translator.

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            • Oh cool. I’ve been learning Japanese in college, too. I’m a little rusty cause I’ve been on a break but I’m at a point where I can actually translate if I put the time into it. Hoping to be a translator in the future when I’m a little more comfortable with it.


            • never even directed my comment to you hahahaha! and you hop on and defend yourself from the kiss ass comment this is so cringy i love it. kiss some more ass hahahaha. you and luisock are the same hahahaha


          • Oh, I’m actually not as big a fan of KnM as I am of MnD and Ore Dorei. That’s what I stay here for. Right now I only care about KnM because of Nell and I want her to join the harem. I haven’t even read all of KnM. Nick said despair was coming so I’m actually okay with waiting most of it out. The most I’ve done is skim their latest chapters to see how long the tragedy bullshit lasts. But if Nick came back and did those chapters, I’d read Nick’s cause I like his translations better. And even if I went to LNB for KnM, I’d still stay behind for Ore Dorei and possibly MnD if he’s still willing. Still, you’ve only been a leecher for a month or so? so you really don’t know shit this scene. You keep being an asshole to Nick like he’s the worst when I follow over a dozen translators who are the same as him. I’m used to waiting months and even years for updates. So honestly, everyone like you who complains look like entitled dicks to me. And you sadly don’t even realize that in being an asshole, you hurt the rest of us. Translators will purposefully stop if people complain like you are now. You think we are kissing ass, we are just showing respect and appreciation that they do deserve for the work they’ve done so far. Even if you complain, there are better ways to do it.

            So in the end, if you and everyone else keep calling Nick lazy and a liar, don’t be surprised when that lazy liar decides he doesn’t want to translate for you. You hurt yourself and you hurt us.


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