Some shit, maybe didn’t happen?

Okay, so I’m updated and all, but that damn procrastinator shit kicked in, kicking my brain out. Lols, still done around 70% of the Chapter 292, but I’m feeling sleepy as hell.

Moreover, I’ve been making my hands and brain get used to again playing on PS4 (it’s been near one year since I’ve played on it), with Deus Ex blah blah, and will be starting out the channel the day Final Fantasy XV is released.

I’m a big fan of Final Fantasy series. Of course not most people understand it’s greatness, of just aimlessly roaming around with stunning graphics at your hand; absolutely like a true procrastinator.

Finally, Good Night for the last night that I give no chapter to you. Oh and a spoiler, it’s the last 30% of the chapter which will finally introduce the despair after a long time in this novel.


14 thoughts on “Some shit, maybe didn’t happen?

  1. Unfortunately, chapter 292 of KnM has already been released on Light Novel Bastion here:

    I really, REALLY want to support you here Nick… but with the new translation group here updating regularly, and with you always using exams, funerals, and computer problems as excuses for delays despite our excessive support of you… I just… can’t believe in anything you say anymore… 😦


    • Thank you for voicing both my thoughts and a solution to this waiting hell. The bastion translations are really nice and clean and I can finally stop feeling shitty with every single procrastination centered post. I didn’t mind the hospital, the university, the homework or the funeral stuff but I think today’s post finally crossed a line. Especially to someone getting paid for the work to begin with.

      Anyways at least now there’s competition for the translation, which keeps things healthy rather than kill yet another LN for me.


      • There may not be any more promises, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s shied away from work and left us disappointed time, and time again recently. 😦

        Chapter 292 is out in readable, clear English, whether Nick likes it or not. So now what? Is he going to make another “I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!” post, where he says some things about ‘just’ getting into translating to be interrupted by who knows what? Another ‘death’? Another ‘blackout’? Another ‘Sickness’? Then proceed to tell us about how much he raged when all his “Hard work” had turned to nothing? :/

        He’s made so many excuses I can’t even tell if he’s lying or not anymore. His excuses are starting to sound like “I don’t have my homework with me today because my dog ate it.”

        and I, for one am starting to grow tired of it. :/


        • All I’m saying is, he gave us over 100 chapters this year and a volume of a light novel. It’s not like it’s a scam, cause he stopped asking for donations. And he’s not even giving excuses anymore, he straight up says he fucked up in this post. I’m not saying it’s ok that he’s doesn’t release chapters when he says he will but you’re acting like he’s done the worst kind betrayal here and acting like his past work doesn’t matter. He’s basically a one man translator here so his attitude is more casual and unprofessional and personal (which is why he tells you what is going on in his life) compared to a translation group which tries to be professional and only gives you the chapter and nothing else. They are different styles.


  2. Hey nick, I’ll still read your translations and as a fellow procrastinator I can’t really blame you……but you kinda need to put out some chapters. I know your speed isn’t what it used to be, but you at least need to sit down and just knock out a couple of chapters. Maybe 5 or so, that way you have some breathing room and nobody will want to ditch you for LNB.


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