Kuro no Maou Chapter 292

Here is the last unedited chapter. I will check the edits given to me by the people wanting to be editors.So maybe no chapter for several hours. But one chapter everyday.

Some are firing up because I was playing at PS4, but I have to become used to the controller. As I will open a gaming YouTube channel later. Just as a hobby for now.

As for LNB, I’m right now quite happy about it.  I will ask him if he wants to work with me, like when me and Shikkaku were working way before. So if the talks go well, I will link his chapters here, and we won’t be TL’ing the chapters.

Now that is great, and will save a lot of time. I still remember reaching Chapter 100 in like a month when I was working with Shikkaku.


DIRECT LINK: KnM Chapter 292


Linkshrink: KnM Chapter 292

I don’t know but for some reasons, the other advert sites are fucking up and not opening.


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