Finally Updated

I’m finally updated and have a lack of sleep, right now I’m lying on bed with my phone to type this post. *oh alongside a great comfy dakimakura*.

No chapter’s for tonight. The next Chapter 292, (291 being on hold for the moment), will be posted unedited (the final unedited chapter).

No more promises, forever until and unless I’m dead hard determined to complete them. Hence no more promises. But you can hope for 2 chapters today. Hoping is different than Promises.

Oh, Oh and Oh, I just love that Saiki Kusuo anime, it’s soooo funny that my abdominal muscles got severe muscle cramps.

Lastly, I will check the edit sent to me tomorrow. And will e-mail back to you. Meanwhile Nekonekodesu, I kinda forgot your e-mail, mind sending it to me?


10 thoughts on “Finally Updated

  1. A question when could we expect a new MND?
    I started reading it last month and donated not to long ago.
    I don’t know if you have a release schedule for it or just wait till the donation box is full,
    I would just like to know if I should check back every 3 days or if I should wait a month.


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