No Donations for the time being. Please!

No donations please guys, stop for some time. Give me time to update myself (which actually took my time to TL and Edit the chapters for tomorrow and today).

And my speed has drastically gone low. I was like doing 1 ch of KnM in about 30-45 min, but right now it’s about 2 hours-3 hours. That fucking great distance.

So no donations until I’m back with a steady release and stuff, and right now I’m not even in dire need, moreover I need no more hates towards me, truly suffocating, seeing people love me so much that they ended up taking sadism and sarcasm and speaking things, which I appreciate because they were all legit and right. I don’t blame them and neither should anyone else. I plead you, especially you GM_Rusaku. Stop defending me because that might make you a bad guy in the eyes and brains of other people. *But I still love that thanks comments of yours, truly fabulous*.

Finally, I am trying hard to get updated right so as to not have any problems later during TL’s. The unedited chapters will come tonight. *Yes the unedited, as I didn’t edit them at all*. And again NO MORE DONATIONS UNTIL I GET A STEADY RELEASE FOR LIKE 2-3 MONTHS, GAIN A BETTER STANDING AMONG OTHER JP TL’ERS and READERS.

It’s gonna take time, but still worth it. After all, it’s never good to be hated by people.


18 thoughts on “No Donations for the time being. Please!

  1. bwhahahahaha! I’ve never seen someone ask to not be championed. This was a first. For that, you’ve earned an ounce of respect Nick…..I think I’ve got some of that somewhere. probably under the pessimism… here it is. I’ll send it to your paypal.


  2. You decided to drop MnD, right?
    Taking off the donation box for MnD would be a good idea, haha.
    If you plan on not asking for Donation for the time being also… It’d be a good idea to also take off the KnM box as well for the time being.


  3. Just curious, what do you mean “update yourself”? How did translation time get so long? Is it because you haven’t done it in a while?


    • Update means getting updated on novels, anime, my body exercises (as my body aches a lot after not doing any exercises in like a month), and finally the update on the stock of chapters.

      TL time gets long for me or any other TL’er who hasn’t TL’ed for a long time. Last time I went out for like 1 month and a half my TL speed went to 3-3.5 hours. That’s like sh9t. However it recovers pretty fast, in about a week or so. Hence, not a big problem.

      Most of the old readers know about this problem with TL’ers.


  4. Dude you think that people are mad cause you became slower in translating, most would probably not give a shit if you posted once a week. The problem is you don’t keep your word, you get people all riled up and making promises telling your readers I’ll give you this I’ll give you that only for you to dissapear. Once they could forgive even twice and thrice but 4 and 5 times. You making a fool of your readers that’s why they mad. Thank god I’ve only read this stuff for 2 weeks I can only imagine wat people who have been here longer feel, especially the donators.

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    • I was that their accusations were all legit and right.
      So I know why they hate me.
      As for my TL speed, it will be back right after I’m back on TL’s regularly.
      I don’t make fool of my readers, but my rl did all that stuff to me.
      Anyhow, no more bitching about rl, I will not stop now ever.
      1 ch everyday. Hope you have a good day/night.


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