The Chapters at a late time

I kind of went to sleep yesterday late in night, * i don’t even remember when or how I went to sleep, though* and wasn’t able to post the chapters.

As the chapters are still not edited, and today is my second semester’s first day that it is mandatory to go to uni, so I will post the chapters after I get back from Uni.

Hope you understand that. 2 chapters from yesterday remain. 1 new chapter today.

Just the editing is left, but don’t ask for me to give you the chapters when I’m in Uni, all I can do there is check the comments and reply to them. Nothing more, nothing less.




48 thoughts on “The Chapters at a late time

  1. GM_Rusaku i think you should get you tongue out of nicks arse also broken promises this was the reason i said can you say that and keep to it nick dont say things you cant provide sorry if im doing your head in but i hate being let down

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        • Everyone’s different, and everyone has different circumstances and experiences.
          Point is, the chapters are translated, he just has to edit them. Am I dissappointed that I don’t get to read them now? Sure. But they are coming, so I can be patient. Cause we still get chapters from him, even when he’s late. Hell you got 2 chapters already! You would have had 4 if he didn’t have to deal with the light novel bastion issue.

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            • Then dude, why don’t you leave if your so dissappointed and disillusioned with Nick? He may not give it in the timeframes he wants and we would like, but he still gives us chapters pretty regularly. And when he does go on hiatus, when RL gets in the way, he bothers to give you a heads up in reasonable time. You should be grateful for both of these.

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                • Hey, he may not stick to a schedule but compared to other translators and translation groups I follow (and I follow a lot) Nick has been giving out sufficient content when he’s not on hiatus. He may not not always give the 2 KnM and one MnD each day, he may not do 50 chapters in 2 weeks (or whatever his top translating speed is), but he still gives plenty of chapters.


                • “stick to a schedule”, he does not have one. If compared to a godly translator he is shit, if compared to the worst one he is kinda good, so what is your point ?


                • He does have a schedule actually. It’s in his tabs. Point is, stop acting entitled. Cause you still have plenty of content from him. I’m not saying don’t be disappointed, but you can voice your complaints and concerns without being an asshole. Especially when you talk shit about him, yet stick around to read his chapters.


                • If it matters to you so much then get off your ass and learn Japanese, all of us are gathered here because we can’t read it and are waiting for someone who can. So please, if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say it at all.


              • Well, i don’t really mind it since nick is doing it for free, i believe, and cause i too have tons of novels to keep with, so i’m always with some few chapters to read.

                But I guess that the problem here is the fact that Nick said, more than once, things like: “This week i’m going to release X chapters/Today there’ll be Y chapters”. And well, as you said, different people, different approaches, some take it okay, some get mad.

                But IMO, there wouldn’t be this much people complayining and flamming if instead of setting dates, he simply announced it a bit more vaguely, like saying that it’s comming soon and such.

                Wording is everything when dealing with people.

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    • Then scott do try to translate while studying on a uni and living alone with a little bit of money in yeour pocket, then do tell me if you’ll do a better job than Nick.

      Just because he wasn’t able to release some chapters because of IRL problem doesn’t mean you have to bash him as a person who doesn’t stood up to promises. The way you act just shows that you are an ungreatful prick, and if you were my employee I’ll fired you as soon as possible. So just STFU and read somewhere else, your kind of ungreatful pricks are not needed here.


  2. GM_Rusaku thats fine by me others seem to be taking project also work for you why would i do that you fool if you give me job id tell you shove it up your arse also Just because he wasn’t able to release some chapters because of IRL problem well dont say your going to do something your not if your employee pull that shit you would fire his ass


    • This is useless, I’ll just stop replying to your yapping as I don’t want to stood to your low level of thinking. Ungreatful leechers will be ungreatful whatever said to them. And if you still reply to this and any other comments then you’re just a troll.

      To all other commenters: leave this troll alone don’t feed it as it will just spout more bullshits.


        • It’s not like people were tricked into donating here. If it was really a scam, then he wouldn’t have asked people to stop donating during the last hiatus. I wouldn’t say I’m brainwashed, cause we all have our limit, I’m giving Nick the benefit of the doubt for now. Because I know that he can actually do what he says.
          How about instead of people coming here complaining all the fucking time, they did what the rest of us leechers do? We wait and check our other stories. I mean, is KnM, MnD, and OreDorei all people read? I doubt it. Seriously just step away for awhile and check back later, follow the page so you get updates.


          • Here a lesson, dont lie to donater, when you cant promise then dont. See it that simple, nobody will outrage anymore.

            Shit happen irl suck, but at least make a release schedule so ppl know that you not dead for 1 month.


          • My apology if my statement hurts you in anyway. Unlike other en masses, I am pretty sure you have fair amount capacity to understand that there is difference between complaining and discouraging and which group I belongs to.


            • The only part that kinda offended me was the brainwashed part. Now normally, you’d have every right to feel dissappointed or upset when you don’t get things that are promised to you. But it’s a little different with most of us waiting for translations. We stay respectful, we are much more patient, and we realize that the translators we follow are normal, imperfect people doing the community a service translating stories that we would otherwise never be able to read. It’s not like we are unafraid to voice our concerns, or even get upset and rant if a translator really fucks up, but I don’t think Nick, with all his faults, has gotten to that point yet. Still, we don’t ask that translators hurry up, we don’t complain about delays, usually because translators can become very unmotivated, and worst case scenario they stop translating. Translating is something they like to do and share with the community. But who would wanna translate when their readers complain and demand all the time? That’s basically where our patience and pro-translator attitude comes from. That’s why people like me and GM_Rusaka will defend Nick so aggressively.


              • Reading your writing hurts my intelligence. Trust me, I would defend the said “translator”, any day. Unfortunately you are disillusioned by your half competent thinking. I acknowledged his achievement in past, either translation speed or translation quality, he meet community expectation. But a person’s integrity is not to be measured by his achievement alone. Not after especially the said translator trying to monetize the value of his works. There is a line between communal and premium translation service and Nick clearly has crossed it. It was fine until this point, honestly, as there were nothing wrong. When you put a money on an object / service however, it will gain economic value. What Nick – sama had been doing was putting vague economic value on vague quality service, which is clearly an act similar to scam.
                People who are actually paying of course would expect to gain return in economic value, which you should know what would happen if they don’t. Which is why I was starting to discourage people from offering any form of support. The fact that you fail to address the issue means you are clearly biased. In the end, the question left is why we are standing in different side? I would offer you some self – check list:
                1. Have you offer any form of monetary support to translator?
                2. If you answer yes in first question, is the amount significant?
                3. How high KnM / MnD in your reading list priority?
                4. How good is your English proficiency?
                5. How good is your Chinese to English proficiency?
                6. Are you working adult?


  3. Honestly, i saw that after he entered uni the translator can’t keep up with translating anymore. MnD is as good as dropped, and KnM has slowed down to a trickle. I think it would be better if he passed the baton to LNB at this point, and translate chapters when he has time instead of making unlikely promises.
    After reading the email log between LNB and Entruce i think he behaved himself like a dick, no one needs any kind of permission of anyone to begin translating a novel, especially one with poor editing/grammar.
    He doesn’t own the novel, and can’t make any kind of demand. His behaviour is like that of a compulsive liar and a kid. Seeing as the replies of the owners of this site reduces themselves to angry remarks at supposed “leechers” i’m convinced they are fighting to keep the translation exclusive only to make money off the readers.

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    • I don’t condone Nick acting like a dick, but I do understand since he was angry and he does make money from translating to help sustain himself, adding in that LNB didn’t wait for 3 months. Cause the rule is wait 3 months with no word from the author. But Nick has given a timeframe for a every hiatus.

      But how did you get access to the email log? Forgive my ignorance on the matter.

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      • The log is on LNB page. This “rule of 3 months” gains value only between grown and intelligent men, who know when to make or not make false promises. Nick obviously isn’t this kind of men. Even if he was, as i said before, he doesn’t have ANY kind of right towards this webnovel, and is in no position to make demands. Also, translating for money is a common practice, but only when there’s a certain balance, such as regular and sponsored chapters. What i have seen so far is only someone who took all the money donated and posted rougly 20 chapters in 5 months. That’s less than 1 chapter per week.
        To all the incompetent pricks that whine about “leechers”, there’s one big, fat leech under your nose, only you are too bloody stupid to recognize it.


        • I look at the whole year, and look at what he’s said he’s been through. Looking over the course of the year, he gave us 100 chapters of KnM, 10 or 20 chapters of MnD, and a volume of Ore Dorei. Then he had issues with running out of money and not being able to contact his parents for help, his grandfather dying, his computer getting messed up after downloading Windows 10, and then exams. Now, I’m not saying Nick is perfect, he does have to do better. And I understand people voicing their concerns, but no need to form an angry mob and talk shit about him, asking him to quit and stuff.


    • This is the exact reason why some rules are made to be broken. In this case, the 3 month “rule” SHOULD be broken here. He has told so many lies that I can’t tell what is truth coming from him anymore. This already heavily invalidates his claims on his non existent releases. The last KNM we got was a month ago. As for MnD.. we donated for it and look at the email logs between LNB and Nick, he first claims to love MND and KNM and will never give it up and then next email he instantly wants to drop it. Wow, way to stab us who have already donated for it.

      I was very grateful to Nick, I have given what I can but he has induced so much bullshit now that I can no longer trust him. Many excuses he makes or statements don’t add up. Just take for example, the recent examination hiatus. Who finishes an exam and receives their results 1-2 days After? That being said, with exams finished it should be semester break but he starts uni again 2 days after. Looking at the email logs between LNB and him as well, he lied.You guys think that the 287-290 chapters were because Nick had done it for us ? It was because LNB had requested it in agreement for them dropping KNM for Nick.

      Just check the email conversation between them.LNB gave him the benefit of the doubt and agreed to drop KnM in respect for him but he lied. Like seriously “Chapters at a late time” Needs editing ? Look at the 289 and 290 we received from Nick. It BARELY has any editing, he was speed/machine translating due to being caught about not having 4 chapters completed. Comparisons from 289 of LNB and Nick is like heaven and hell.

      What gets me the most is his request for money; the ps4 , rent and all . With all these inconsistencies in his excuses that don’t make sense. All the promises of getting like 10 chapters and then getting sick for going to a swimming pool the next day… Truly delusional if you don’t see his true character.

      I respected Nick, but as LNB has said, the reality is the best days of ET is gone, we’ere just left with a greedy translator. He needs to get his shit sorted without involving us at ET or things will take a turn for the worse. This will be my last time at this site, was a good 7 months. Farewell Nick.


  4. I’m sorry, I don’t want to sound like a dick but… Nick did it again, didn’t he? Please Nick, try to not giving your own self time limit if you can’t make it. Many people here are expecting something because of that and when expectation went wrong people tend to bash on you. Scott even removes himself from the donator list, so well…. maybe if you keep this up you would lose the trust of the donators. Anyway, good luck IRL!!


  5. Like start of a Uni semester is an easy thing. 😀
    Party or editing? Answer is trivial 😉

    In russian it’s sometimes “Уж полночь близится, а Германа всё нет…”


  6. Aaand he’s late again, what a surprise. What kind of accident happened to NIck-san this time? Did a meteor land on his house? Did he drink fukushima’s water? We’ll have to wait for another episode of Nick The Compulsive Liar!


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