Kuro no Maou Chapter 289

Mates, I’ll be deleting the chapters of LNB by tomorrow, as I will have to re-translate those previous chapters that I had deleted. For the time being here’s first chapter of today; 3 more to come. Then it goes 1 or maybe 2 chapters per day. *Yes our little feud is over*

On a side note, I’ll be hoping if LNB can take MnD, so on an official note: MnD is now Dropped. However, whoever the next TL’er be will get help from in completing the Chapters sometimes in a month or two.

As for OreDorei, it is still with me.

DIRECT LINK:  Kuro no Maou Chapter 289


Shorte.st: Kuro no Maou Chapter 289

Linkshrink: Kuro no Maou Chapter 289



21 thoughts on “Kuro no Maou Chapter 289

    • Real life issues are a bitch so yeah, go complain to them lol.
      Besides, translating is hard on the mental department and that includes your sanity but yeah I see your point, most translators that I know of regularly updates thrice a week in average, IF their real issues is not kicking them in the balls, which doesn’t apply to Nick’s current…wait wasn’t it past? I don’t know but anyways the dude just recovered so ypu might as well wait until he get’s back to his usual speed.


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