Is too late now to say official hiatus?

Yeah I haven’t been TL’ing for a long time, but as you see now that I have got no money problems that I can finally put my mind to other problems.

Like what?


Yeah I am studying like hell, before this past month I never knew that studying in schools was such a luxury, especially during the examination. And the syllabus, oh MOTHERFUCKING TOO THICK. *don’t take it the weird way*.

Sooo, what I am going to announce is to people who are donating money to me some days, please don’t as I am on hiatus. The people who gave before, don’t be sad.

I just need surpass this biggest tribulation for a student, after that I will be back.

The exams have started since a week ago. I have been rummaging the books and shit that I have no time to even type this post……wait ain’t I writing it.

Anyhow, I haven’t read any comments (WHICH I DON’T BELIEVE ARE GOING TO BE GOOD) or read any chapters of any novels for soooo long or even seen anime. I’m gonna be so fucked when I get back to get updated.




69 thoughts on “Is too late now to say official hiatus?

  1. Sorry the only thing i see is excuses excuses and more excuses. Time management would be your friend. When i started reading this i was wondering why there are so manny excuse messages but i still donated but honestly i feel ripped off and i wish from deep in my heart that you drop that project.
    There where times when you wrote you want to make this your “main work” then i read excuses while you said you had time to play some battlefield game.

    I think ever second chapter since somwhere is a excuse.


  2. You and me both, though I haven’t translated a lick of Japanese since the start of summer, or at least, anything proper.

    I’ve just recently actually started catching up on all of my weeaboo needs.


  3. Wow nick i ll just tell you are “disappointing”. Why? Well i know rl is top priority but the way you treating us as your readers and customers is meh. I remember when you said you want live as a translator and proudly say you are a good one(yeah i believe too you are good at this and better than me ofc) and so you open a donation box to support your live as a translator.

    But if you want live as a translator as your job and paid for that i will tell, this is not the way nick. I ll say again i believe too rl is a top priority but isn’t this a rl matter too? Especially when you say you are a translator and already paid for that. If you are my subordinate i already fired you a long time ago cuz you didn’t have professionalism and dedication.

    And what i don’t like from you is you easily make many promises and what make it worse you broke many too. Like some months ago you made one you would translate hundred chapter if we donate hundreds dollars. When the money collected, you couldn’t even finish half of it cuz sick as your reason. until today you never try to finish that. And this is not your first or second time. Nick promise is an expensive thing that you can’t give easily. In economic and financial terms promise is a debt. So ll tell you not to promise us with straight face when you still don’t know if you can do it or not.

    In the end of my long rant i ll say nick you are good at translating but failed as a translator.


    • I think it’s a little too early to give this rant. Especially given what he’s told us he has been going through. Being sick, running out of money and not being able to get in touch with is parents, not having money to pay for tuition, having to drive so many miles because a relative died, then having to do it again for his parents, his computer going through the windows update thing (which I totally sympathize with), and now exams. Could he be better about it? Yeah. But given how open he is being, and how much he tries to translate once he gets back from whatever crisis, I think he makes up for it.


        • I’ve been here for about a year-ish now. I just went through all those things I listed above. Is it frustrating? Sure, but it’s still too soon to say he’s failed as a translator when he makes an effort to make up for it and I know translators that are worse. Those who go on hiatus without word for months or over a year, then tease that they’re coming back, then half a year later apologize saying some shit went down. I’m glad he’s been so open and kept in touch with us as he has. And I’ve seen him make the effort to make up for it. Plus, it’s not like proffessional people don’t run into problems and are unable to keep promises. And entruce has even asked that people stop donating while this hiatus goes on which shows some responsibility. So while I more than understand your frustrations, it’s a little too early give the rant you gave.


          • sorry have to disagree with you on the open with us i like the fact he lest us know he wont be translating but i don’t need to know circumstances everyone has problems so don’t need to know his would like him just say cant translate rl when i see his reasons make me feel like one of stories i told teachers why i was off or had no homework to hand in

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            • Oh I’m not saying he HAS to be so open. I’m just recognizing that he’s done it. I’m good with simpler stuff saying RL stuff is happening too. But like I said before, it’s good he keeps in contact with us. And who knows, being open might put some people at ease.


        • also understand rl so can wait just dont post thing to irrational people(me) will take it as we see it thought id see chapter today so i guess i have to wait till new update of when capter comming out


        • The keyword is “donation”. You are not paying for a product. You are giving a translator money to sustain themselves in hopes, but no guarantee, that they will do a chapter.
          And while its good that you understand RL, in this case, you are asking him to fulfill a promise that he never made to you. All he said was that he will be back to translating in a week when exams are done. He never said he was gonna drop chapters on the day he came back.


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