I’m going to sue someone really bad!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t read it if you don’t want to! This is loong.

I’m writing this post from my phone just to vent out the frustration and anger I have right now.

This happened just yesterday while I was finally onto TL’ing, the windows update for some motherfucking reason downloaded Windows 10. I thought “how about I finally upgrade it already”, which I DID.

Right after upgrading it said Activate Windows while saying product is wrong, change or buy one online. I was like WHAT?? Goddamnit bitch, I bought this laptop with preinstalled windows, how the fuck am I supposed to know Windows 8 key, but wait doesn’t upgrade not need any key.

I got angry, tried to find product keys online, and finally after using more than 46 keys I found online and none worked, I made a decision to download the activator. I have never done this before, so I went ahead on KMSpico or something gave me this oh-so BADD and ASS with shit spread over it app, I downloaded it and opened it, up to that point everything went fine, but soon enough my Kaspersky popped up and said Hazardous file, and that it couldn’t disinfect that shit.

*Fast-forward 10 mins*

My Kaspersky detailed report showed 100 trojan and adviruses, all coming from that single place where the file was getting installed. I was baffled and soon enough started the Advanced Disinfection which does as it name says, and tried to disinfect it.

*Fast-forward 2 hours*

After fighting for two hours my laptop was saved……or not, because ALL THE FUCKING APPPS, NO MATTER WHICH ONE WAS DAMNNED STOPPED! I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT, and as if putting salt on wound the WINDOW DUMP STARTED *I got scared at the same time* and the window got crashed, corrupted, thrashed, thrown into a bin in sewers of world’s most dirty country.

I was enraged, went out to stores for asking new windows 10 cd, or even windows 8.1. But hey now it was like putting alcohol over the salted wound, like no fucking store had any Windows installation disks remaining. SERIOUSLY MATE, THE FUCK IS HAPPENING HERE!

I went home and broke many things in fir of rage, like tv, fridge, bed etc……no I didn’t but I sure tried to throw the bed outside the window, however got tired and calmed down easily. (great remedy for anger).

*Fast-forward to today late night, almost day at 5:10 AM*

I finally found a shop with an windows disk, it was the last one in stock (seriously the fuck is happening in Japan. Is this Windows conspiracy!?).

I’m right now, formatting all the hard disks using BIOS and then start with installing windows.




72 thoughts on “I’m going to sue someone really bad!!!!!!!!!!

  1. 1. Use windows only for games and VERY specific apps. Some linux would do for everything else.
    2. If you happen to be some crazy windows junkie – ALWAYS disable auto update. Not from control center, that doesn’t work – disable system service.
    3. Real win7-win10 activator is KMSauto .NET and KMSmicro. That pico shit i’ve never heard about. Maybe something new.
    4. Do not download from dubious sites, try to find original source. If you do, try to unpack dubious executables with 7-zip before run.

    Well, to conclude: you was dumb, blame yourself.


    • First, your conclusion does not match your stated steps, which are somewhat complicated for a layperson.

      Second, your steps are dangerous in of themselves as not updating leaves you vulnerable to security threats which you probably put in because of your third step of pirating windows. If you can afford it, at that point you might as well spend the money and buy a mac to save yourself the headache. Third, non dubious sites don’t distribute windows activation programs. Fourth, “unpack dubious executables with 7-zip before run.” and you blame him for being dumb? This is actually a advanced user step as most people probably have no idea what you are even talking about.


      • Lol, this is what I get for reading in reverse chronological order. Since your strapped for cash, you could just reinstall windows 8.1. you stated that it came preinstalled, but that usually means they stick the cd key sticker on the bottom of the laptop, sometimes behind a plate or battery. Is it there?


  2. Your problems with upgrading to Windows 10 is probably because you waited so long to upgrade. The free upgrade stopped being free recently.

    However, there is still hope for going back to your previous windows installation. I believe that Windows 10 upgrades have the option of being reverted back to the previous version within a month after of upgrading.

    Here’s the microsoft page for how to do so:


  3. Strange enough, my previous comment didn’t post.
    Anyways, your windows key issue is due to upgrading after the free upgrade period ended. However, you can still revert back to your previous version of windows. Here’s what the Microsoft answer is for this situation:
    “If it’s been less than a month since you upgraded to Windows 10, you can go back to your previous version of Windows by going to Settings > Update & security > Recovery and selecting either Go back to Windows 7 or Go back to Windows 8.1. This won’t affect your personal files, but it will remove any apps you installed after the upgrade to Windows 10.”


  4. err….thing it is quite possible that laptops or the like are bring sold with a windows version not actually bound to your laptop (dont know the technical sense)…in that case what u need to do was backup the activated windows info on an usb drive or something and then get the update…though it is normally not the case on the higher end stuff…what happened that my sp3 had no problem such as this but my lenovo miix 3 had to be backed up before the upgrade

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  5. as a kmspico user, it’s actually your kaspersky fault, you should have disable it first before using kmspico and why kaspersky dtect it as virus, bcoz all kinds of crack is identified as “malware”, it will not harm your pc but still a crack is malware.


  6. Be careful Nick some of the things you said you were going to do are highly illegal. You can serve time in jail for doxxing people. Also hacking into peoples databases. Also unless you have things documented with a lawyer the courts won’t care about you and will side with the person with the most money most likely. These people will try to say that they aren’t the cause or anything and there is a whole bunch of bullshit you can get into. If you try to use evidence gathered through hacking it is unacceptable in court and will be treated like it never happened. I would recommend not getting into any court shenanigans or vigilante justice and instead write bad reviews on it. Sharing the truth will do a much better job of helping other and hurting them than getting into a court debacle.


  7. Frankly, why’d you even try searching for a *cough* illegal activator in the first place? :/

    I know you’re short on cash but you could’ve just canceled the update and moved back to ur old Windows 7 or whatever you had.

    Also, I wouldn’t recommend trying to make this incident any more public than it is. You were trying to activate a Windows 10 with a Key that you didn’t own. After which when you couldn’t find one you resort to illegal methods like an activator…

    Entruce, I’m not able to do much from the comment section, but… I hope that you’ll be okay later.

    Good luck with the computer, you’re going to need it if you want to fix it without paying a pro or wiping it and starting fresh… (*~*)/


  8. man you have so many real life problems I mean i would prefer that you just go on hiatus instead of delaying because I hate waiting extra long when I’m expecting a chapter. why not go on break and relax?


  9. Solution:
    Turn off your computer by holding the power button for about 12 seconds. When you turn it back on press whatever button it says to enter “System Recovery Mode” Then either set your computer back to an earlier date and time, or reset it to factory condition. Hope this helps. I reset my laptop once a month to keep free Microsoft Word xD


  10. Linux will save you, windosis is good for games only or if you have some reeeeeaaaaally indisposable Windows only app (that doesn’t work with WINE)


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