My Dad Cried A Lot……

A lot of people might already guess what the title means, but I will just in case explain for some who can’t understand code languages.

My parents both returned from their oh-so-sickly-long honeymoon (too bad, no new siblings for me *sob*), and finally I was able to contact them and get help in the financial status. Like seriously a lot of help.

As a bonus, I explained to dad in short that grandpa passed away. And guess what, he ditched mom, took the first flight back to Japan, grabbed me and made me drive till my late grandpa’s home *I’m starting to hate driving, oh racing is different*.
And there, my dad bawled his eyes out, cried loudly until his throat was sore, seeing my dad cry their for his dad made me inexplicably disturbed and I also almost cried out. Then came mom, she was even worse than dad, finally it took sooooo many days to calm down both their hearts, I called even my siblings here to help them.

Now that, everything’s done, I’m back, or rather I came back in early morning and have been sleeping like a log that my brother, who came in evening to give me goodbye, kept on banging door and eventually broke the door to enter (to check why the hell I was not opening the door *you know the bad stuff, not the anime one but the RL one*), only to find I was still sleeping. *My sleeping prowess makes me embarrassed*

Oh don’t worry, I got compensation from dad for repairing the door. Geez, and finally my family went away just 5 mins ago. I’m free now, going to again drive back home, see if there is any chapter in stock, will post if there is, otherwise……yeah back to the SLEEPING PROWESSS OVER 9000000000. (Now that makes sense)


23 thoughts on “My Dad Cried A Lot……

  1. “finally I was able to contact them and get help in the financial status. Like seriously a lot of help” finally…hm wait why didn’t i ask you to ask your parents for help, dam should have said that than i could have lol’d about right now…rats

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  2. And here I thought i had it rough.
    Well anyway glad nothing happened to you or your current living family and glad to have you back I guess?
    You don’t need to rush things for now and take it slow, we can wait, i don’t know how it feels to lose a close family member but you still have my condolences even though it’s a bit late.
    Stay strong Nick.

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  3. Im glad you solved your financial aid crisis. And about your brother kicking the door down while you were sleeping like you had noise cancellation muffs on or w/e they are called, i lol’d.

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  4. Sleeping like that feels the beeesssstttt, but it’s a really big problem. You notice it’s a problem when you can sleep through fire alarms for hours. Poor door didn’t have a chance.


    • To most people yes it sounded like an excuse but for the majority of followers here it’s a fucking crisis, a big serious one at that, if you don’t stop whenever a big incident happened it just to show that the very humanity inside you is non existent, even a dog will cry in grief and anguish in despair if their family members died in front of them, much less humans.
      Think before you comment please.

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        • True it isn’t necessary but sometimes communication is important, especially in this shitty era we live in now.
          Regardless, the way you express it is wrong and can be mistaken as either an insult, mockery or even start a flame.
          I don’t want to see that, especially in this situation, the dude is depressed as fuck and one step away from dropping EVERYTHING he ever work for, the things he and us readers enjoy.
          I’m not being angry here or anything, just pointing out on what you did; telling Nick he is just giving excuse, which I think it’s wrong in my perspective.
          All he did is just inform us on what happened.
          He nor us can ever stop that since it already happened, there’s no point in regretting it but you’re given the time to grief for it, heck you have the right to grief for it.
          We on the other hand can only just watch on the sideline and do nothing.
          Btw Nick, things will get busy after this so might as well stop for a moment and tie up loose ends, if you don’t it will break you to the core, trust me, once you broke, it will take more than support and will power alone to get back up.


        • I think you are wrong on many things @sineater05. Informing your clients or more accurately audience in your soft language is a correct thing to do when you can no longer keep up with your target performance. Being constantly irresponsible to people who support you however is not. I am pretty sure you are not thinking of those who are paying bucks during repeated donation drive feels or do you? I think I had enough shares of disappointment.


          • Just for your information, even in a company (my dad’s, at least) when a family member of an employee dies, the employee will get A WHOLE MONTH of “vacation”, a paid one. Why? because of humanity.
            “Being constantly irresponsible” when a family member dies is what normally people do. When your loved one dies, you just can’t think straight for a while. Other than that, sudden trips and many other affairs. Let him and his family calm down for around a month or so.Yes, even if he has been paid for it.

            P.S.: If you don’t know what it feels like, just try it. I don’t tell you how to try it. If It already happened to you and you didn’t feel anything, there IS something wrong with you.

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  5. wow, that’s a lot of things going on.

    Now you might want to translate few chapters to make up for it. Or you might wake up again from someone bursting down your door again… or maybe you would still be asleep even after all of that.


  6. A broken door . . . for sleeping . . . .
    It happened to me a long time ago. The thing is, there was a little fire outbreak in my kitchen and I was sleeping like a log in my room. There, gone . . . my door . . . rekt in pieces, because of my sleeping habit.
    Anyway, get some rest and then finish your affairs first.


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