Kuro no Maou Chapter 286

Well mates I just asked a little of 100 bucks, but looks like God granted me some luck and I got 200 or so bucks! World hasn’t left me, even if God most of times did!!

I just want to say thanks and here you go with chapter! Today only one because I am truly tired with going to Uni, fixing my problems, then coming back to home with my head bursting from headache. *This happens to be a chapter I TL’ed before*. The other chapters are going to start from tomorrow again.


Chapter 286


Shorte.st: Chapter 286

LinkShrink: Chapter 286

Adf.Ly: Chapter 286

ANOTHER HEAD UP: I will update the money bar later! Again, don’t worry but your chapters aren’t going anywhere, rather will come to you all! Meanwhile MnD again from Tomorrow.


17 thoughts on “Kuro no Maou Chapter 286

  1. Congrats on getting the money you needed. Not to sound ungrateful but since I only read MnD and was looking forward to it I’ll bring this up. I kinda thought the next chap was another chapter of MnD.


  2. how many chapters still left to translate KNM AND MND and will u consider translating Sekai no Owari no Encore pl ,there are lot of fans for this novel ,u will also earn alot pllllllll


      • He used to post chapters quite regularly with fixed number of regular + sponsored chapters as well as HUGE mass releases. I guess going to university and all the costs that come with it in his country affects him a lot more than anticipated.

        And NICKDOYLE, get a friend/relative/counselor that can give you some good, solid, usable advice and possibly help on how to get your life in order as right now it feels as though you have lots of problems dealing with it. Who knows, it might also improve your health/sleep issues.


  3. negative trust getting even more negative…and I dunno about donations but it seems like it’s not something I’d encourage anymore…(I’m a pretty good liar, and I apologize if all your previous circumstances were true. but they sound like some lame ass excuse to garner pity alms)


  4. Dont know when or if I am actually gonna do it maybe if theres enough interest and volunteers i will pursue it anyway im thinking of making the first transported to another world light novel that has a default story/route for manga purpose but is really interactive ex: you can end up as a hero or to the other extreme the demon lord anyway if i decide to do it will probably take a decade to finish. Just wanted yall to hear my ideas cause if your like me you only read these types of novels cause you actually want it to happen anyway ttyl


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