Sorry for delay

I’m truly sorry for the delays, but looks like i’ve been stopped entrance to the Uni for not giving the fees.*As usual I don’t ever have enough money for all the things.* So guys I’ve been going in and out the uni and board of education for some sort of backdoor entrances just for some days. And as reality strikes, IT IS NOT EASY WORK TO DO!

Anyhow, finally today the Uni gave me 3 days for giving the total fees, I’m lacking a total of $100 if I change the fees into USD’s.
I would love if you people just give me that final 100 bucks, so I can give out my Uni the damn fucking money. Those FUCKING ASSHOLES!!!

Although, after that I will again be broke, like just 50-60 cents in my bank acc, or pocket. Anyhow that will made up with chapters, but again I’m sorry for the not posting chapters as I was finally fighting against RL pro-actively.

Guess what, board of education is the heaven of procrastinators, over and out.




13 thoughts on “Sorry for delay

  1. LOL im glad that Im an asian and my parent too,I just finished highschool recently and got to college ,my parents pay all of the fee already even planning to bought me a car later ,no my parents arent rich,just a bit above average but yea its normal here to pay everything for your kids until they get married :3
    also I still live with ma parents cuz my uni isnt that far,glad I live in a city with ton of good college so I dont need to go far,in fact many people from far away come here lel ;D so my daily is taken care of,also I got enough money monthly as long as I dont fool around and waste it,so I dont need to part time to buy something and spent most of my time reading >.< ,this is heaven
    also I dont have lot of money but here couple of $ at least better than nothing,gluck with the rest


  2. Uni fees are not cheap. Combine it with living independent of parents, you’re really living a harsh life right now.

    I’m sure there will be some nice people donating(wink2) if you maintain your translation pace. Stay strong.


  3. just a heads up on linkshrink its tripping my malware protection hard so it might not be a safe group to use im not saying dont use things like that just careful with who you use cause some add companies like them dont care and let redirect malware infested adds into their lineup of adds without care and well thats not good to your readers who disable addblock and such for you to get money from those things as it can be harmful to their computers and such – especially the less technically minded or atleast less sensible among them – again it just happened and i just wanted to make you aware about it that way you can be safe and cautious as a dead pc isnt fun no matter who it happens to


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