I’m Back

Heya guys, I’m back and am super tired, so will be TL’ing after getting a good rest. Never again am I going to drive a car for 300 kms. NEVER AGAIN! My hands are hurting even while typing this.

See you later, Over & out!



41 thoughts on “I’m Back

      • Woah woah, sorry for pushing your buttons accidentally so as for that I apologize.
        I didn’t meant anything offensive on my comment or even the reference was referring to yours truly, which is you Nick.
        The reference was pointing towards the movie called E. T.
        Like I said earlier, i apologize and meant no offense whatsoever.
        Maybe I’m being too insensitive about this……


        • Yeah I was angry at the E.T itself. That isn’t funny considering the fact I also use ET. Damn, I’m an earthling and I don’t wanna go back home. (that would be uk, no, England now)


          • LOL! Fuck I thought i offended you to the core or sumthin but to think the reason was much more…….simpler maybe? Probably? Idk…. >.>
            Anyways we cool bro?
            Btw should you be up by now?
            You probably get some more rest just to be safe.


  1. I might be kinda hard if you have a tiny car. I used to drive 500 mile ( about 800 kl), one way, twice a month for meeting for my job when I was 35, But living in the USA we have bigger more comfortable cars.


  2. glad ur back, better when u decide to stop excepting mongy for false promises and decide to actually translate maken, but its probably better to find a dedicated translator than someone who goes for the low hanging fruit sine most of ur site visitors only care for maken yet ur only take for the other easy series since u are coving up with ur paypal donations to make up for short comings and inadequacys


    • Wow…. so edgy, chill up mate! Donation is giving money to someone you think deserve it without demanding anything, if you think that Nick isn’t living up to his word then don’t donate. Afterall if he has trouble with real life, what can we do leechers (or donator, if you donate) do ecxept being patient while NOT giving him harsh comment. For leechers(I believe most people here are, including me) translator who make steady translation are precious, so please don’t pressure him too hard. Either email him(?) or be patient. And one more, I believe KnM has many avid readers no? Sorry if I offend you, chill up mate!


      • I share your sentiments on the issue. I am truly thankful for any translations I can get these days….especially if it KNM in it’s current arc, damn good arc if I say so myself.


    • Well, I shared your sentiment exactly. The problem is translator nowadays is pretty much a premium service so you won’t get the regular fix you crave for even you spend BUCKS on them (which makes them crap services actually). My suggestion on problem download some machine translation software and do it manually. It’s really pain at beginning but you will eventually used to it and learn some new language in the end. Cheers.


  3. Hey, I can truly sympathize with you. My grandmother died a couple weeks ago and I drove around 400 or so miles to her memorial last week…I’m still pretty broken up about it as you can imagine….the grandmother, not the driving…


    • that actually not just your fathers thing thats what most if not all medical experts would suggest when driving long distances or times – basically the body isnt meant to stay still that long and needs to move somewhat for the sake of its own well-being anyhow its good advice in general lol


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