Kuro no Maou Chapter 284

I’m truly sorry for the lateness, but I’m also sorry because I am not confident enough in the TL quality of this chapter. Sorry for that. You will get 2 MnD and 1 KnM tomorrow, rejoice. Today happened to be a bad day for me TL, that’s all I can say, again truly sorry for the bad quality this chapter.

Direct Link: Chapter 284

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Shorte.st: Chapter 284

LinkShrink: Chapter 284

Adf.ly: Chapter 284


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5 thoughts on “Kuro no Maou Chapter 284

  1. Hi there, just a quick question, are you able to earn some money based on how many times we go through the indirect link? For me, I tend to press all the links and was wondering if that is helpful in any way. Thank you again for the chapters 🙂


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