A Thanks Note!

I want to thank everyone who has helped till now, for the support you have given to me.
I am truly moved thanks to that, I also want to say thanks to 3 people who gave me a total of extra $3, due to that I was able to buy myself the prescriptions.

And oh mate, the sleep it gave was good and stuff, but never a good feeling after waking up. It’s already near 4 hours since I woke up, but been holding back my urge to puke out and slam my head in wall, currently I’m perfectly fine, not so much. Anyhow, with this the insomnia will be in check for some time.

As for chapters, don’t worry I don’t want readers to lose anymore trust in me, so I will give ’em to you, although MnD might come late, as it takes time to TL that one.

Don’t Read Below If you Don’t Want To:-

A certain person commented that the quality of my TL’s are bad from what they were back when I had editors (KnM I believe he/she was talking about), and said I need to take editors again as many would not read them and leave out.
I had been thinking from past couple of months (from previous year to be precise) on how to get rid of this time-zone problem with the editors, any idea any of you got?


  1. Many of you said take a hiatus and then comeback. That’s a no-no, reasons being, I take hiatus, have to work hard to be dead log in nights everyday, will worsen my health, eventually getting sick, not getting enough pay in these months to be going to hospital for medications, and bam shit hits the fan.
    So IF I HAVE TO GO ON A HIATUS, it will be when I am sure that I will have no problems of money at that time. That’s the time I will take hiatus, albeit not a big one.
  2. Some of even said that Ps4, games, subscriptions, stuff is not worth it, and that area is over-saturated, in truth, I know all that, but I’m not wanting to be quite some big shot over there with just gaming and stuff, I just want to open a new line that would give me money, the more the lines the better the pay comes in (1 being TL, other being YouTube). Moreover, I have got no intention of stopping TL’s, but rather at that time there will be no rampage weeks (only god knows when he’ll start being a bitch and again bitch my RL), so 3 chaps a day. Schedule set forever! No Changes Whatsoever!

Like this, I won’t be worsening my health, and probably will get a good incomes from both these money lines. Later I will stop one of two temporarily and take on Part-time jobs (after sept only).


I just want to say something more: Nothing is impossible in this world except the things going against laws of physics, chemistry, world, etc. So the people who said you can’t gain enough money over there easily, it will take years to make a stable viewership there, you will break down, that is the words of cowards, everything is possible if just, IF JUST the person tries to take a step forward. Nothing is possible if you keep standing still, and also try to force your opinions on others. Maybe Stop doing that and think of your own dream and take a step towards it, you might even succeed at a goddamn rate. I’m not ridiculing anyone, but just think, if everything was impossible, then we would not have microsoft, apple, sony and others companies existing in this era. Hence,  I can say, just shut up, grit your teeth, take a step forward to your dream. Mine being quite a small one: Just living happily with RL not being a bitch.
You know, humans are creatures that like to see these almost impossible dreams, although they are possible.


19 thoughts on “A Thanks Note!

  1. for editing: consider having something like google documents where people can suggest edits, then readers who can deal with questionable editing can read both and make further suggestions, effectively crowd sourced editing.

    for the youtube income thing; yeah that really does take months to build, but if you enjoy it, and have hope, i see no reason to not pursue it.


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