News? Um, yeah, maybe I should give, before I go……insane!

I apologize in advance for the amount of curse words in the paragraph below, and deeply apologize for the long wall of text, with line spacing and stuff. Although lengthy, I did summarize it a lot. Thank goodness to my damn fucking memory!!!!!!



I went poor, without electricity, water, had only bills, did part-time job, insomnia got worse, stress took over, am near depression-line, reasons for that is money, I am not asking money for nothing, read below *Press Ctrl F and type in 3 chaps*, and is the last time I ever ask money like this for any emergency situation. I am willing to reform myself into someone you can trust, and am willing to do anything for that *in TL’ing only and the other work I wrote quite down below*. I just ask for forgiveness. However I ask you to read the first paragraph down below.


So, to start from, 2nd of Jul, I was rampaging through my laptop at incredible speed TL’ing chapters, just when the electricity was cut off.
Yes not a blackout, but rather a cut off of the electricity, all because I hadn’t paid my monthly bills. I was so angry, that I opened up my Paypal account and the Bank Account (with whatever less battery my laptop had) and saw  0 Yen, 0 Usd, 0 Gbp and course shitty ads.
My anger subsided at a rate f1 car speeds from 0-100. That’s pretty……slow. Anyhow, I went out the house for part-time jobs, but remembered it was the goddamn moth*rFu*king time of truly ASSH**LE part-time jobs.
The June to September is  never a good time to be getting PART-TIME JOBS, as they pay real less in these months, yet I did take around 5-6.
2 days later, on 4th of Jul, the water supply was  cut off. I was like: Oh no, you damn motherfucking son of whore, your mom’s a whore, your dad’s a shemale, your girlfriend is cheating on ya and your secret boyfriend is making porn out of ya, you dickhead!!! * I literally shouted that out in English over the phone. Thank goodness, he didn’t understand my fast English*.

I was seriously goddamned! Now see what poverty makes one do: I pick pocketed (for eating and drinking), did shop lifting without being caught (same as before), even tried to hack my colleagues’ bank account (get rid of problems), unfortunately, those asshole banks have just enough security with almost no cracks in it, expect backdoor which is more or less impossible for me to do without tampering with the computers of banks. *don’t learn stuff from me mates*

Why I didn’t ask my parent? They are on a goddamned honeymoon *really! Honeymoon at 39, that’s so sick, this ain’t anime world!!!!* and have closed off their phones. U know using a sim from one country in another takes up enormous toll on bills, so they have new numbers, which I obviously don’t fucking know!!! *SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIT*

Now then, my stress increased and my insomnia worsened to a state I have felt before, a long time ago. I am currently truly dismayed on what to do. Currently after working enough to lay like a dead log everyday in nights for whole damn assholing 8 days, I am near depression (not yet depressed), and not taking sleeping pills (which is worsening my insomnia), and have got enough money to sustain me for a whole 10 days at most, as I used up most in paying bills. *I am happy to get back my air-con*.

So that’s the big news of why I wasn’t here or even at home most of times, resulting in my loss of everything. Money, trust in readers for not complying by my promises (which happens to be a cause of my near depression state).

I went to a psychologist and a psychiatrist today (former recommended me to latter), and he said to take some prescriptions and release my stress *I can only think of my sadistic personality for that, truly*, he said that the reason for that is surely something that I think for almost all the time, *I thought of gaming, anime-watching, money, porn, fighting, money, porn, making videos, gaining adrenaline rush, porn, porn, money, gaming, etc.* And I understood that it was all related to money! *truly laughable. just see what holy Jesus Christ shit it does with me* (no bad comments by Christians, I’m not belittling Jesus). I mean Jesus Christ was a donating person, so he donated all my money in BILLLS BIIILLLS BIILLLLS BILLLS BILLLS BILL GATES, DAMN IT, WHERE IS THE FUCKING GATE TO GET RID OF BILLS BILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

No wonder I came up with quite a risky idea and that is making gaming videos without shouting and cringing stuff (I’m looking at ya Poo *die* Pie. Changing name for goddamned delusional copyrights). And for that I require a Ps4 (no high-end PC at moment I have, and also no money to buy it anytime soon).
However, my old one broke a year ago, and this year FF XV, Mafia 3 are coming, oh and something called as Deus Ex Machina shit!

I’m not asking money from you all for nothing, I am just saying in short I won’t be able to post more than 3-5 chapters a day. My limit in this groggy state of my brain. And I just enough to buy a Ps4 here along with some microphone and stuff and games and money for just living in a house with water and electricity (and uni fees. The uni I haven’t been going for quite some days because of no money for even transportation except walking. That uni is oh-milfing-balling-fucking 50 kilometres far from my home), totalling around 1500 bucks. Not less I know, rather big it is.

But this time I will stay up to my promise, and I want to curse at my old damn fucking self to not abide by the promises, which has truly decreased people’s trust in me. *really a depressing factor, I’m not saying false words, but from the bottom of my heart*.
Oh and I need 2-3 bucks more for getting sleeping pill, insomnia is not good for my heart too. I recently feel sick when seeing people having fun,  not only riajuu but also otaku’s, and that is not normal already with me being half of both. *I nearly puked in a couple restaurant I was working as a cook in*.

All In ALL, I need you help guys, let this poor TL’er gain his trust back in your guys, and live a healthy life, *I seriously don’t wanna die of hunger. *tears flowing IRL**. After getting the Ps4, I will upload vids on YouTube, broadcast on Twitch, post it here too *only good ones*, and finally the TL’s times won’t change, as I will have taken pills by that time, the ones prescribed by the doc today, 3 chaps a days. *1 part of Mnd = 1 chap of Mnd WN. 2 Chaps of KnM = 1 MnD Chap*.

I just ask for this last time as a seriously emergency money. Never again I will ever for money like this, all will be your support only. *And I will also add and other link shortening links, please support me via whatever link you feel is safe*


45 thoughts on “News? Um, yeah, maybe I should give, before I go……insane!

  1. Oh, well… umm… my condolences. :/
    I’m going to hate myself for suggesting this, but have you considered going on a official Hiatus? We would totally understand you know?

    Take some time off translating, get some sleep, get your life back in order before you come back. I went on hiatus because school had started again, and its a LOAD off knowing that you aren’t disappointing all of us leechers around the globe by making us wait for something that won’t come, or actually getting it at the expense of you, the translator’s well being.

    You deserve more than this Entruce! Things will get better!


    • NO Hiatus, I can’t be doing it, these month’s are truly bad for part-time jobs, and full-time jobs, though pay good amounts (especially in game makings, such as Bandai Namco, Ubisoft and others), but it will come at the lack of my uni, which I really don’t want to fail in. *that’s just sick enough*.
      So, I can only try to handle out as much as I can while not going past my limits, and will get you all the chaps, and just need that much to get me going for this month. Although, I won’t be back in full health in like a day or two, but I will surely be.
      This is the only method (TL’ing) to gain money as fast as possible before dying of hunger, thirst.


      • Have you considered buying the domain name? If you do that you can apply to google-adsense and start getting ad revenue as well. Its a bit costly, but its only charged annually. Personally, I’ve been denied ad-sense due to ‘lack of content’ but with all the chapters you’ve released so far, you could easily fulfill the conditions.


  2. Don’t take this in a wrong way, but please take a break.
    We would all rather see you taking a short-long break for a DAMNIT TOTALLY VALID REASON (seriously, I can’t imagine what you’re going through, as a long time leecher I feel terrible) than have you totally stop translating because you have health issues or something like that or even worse.
    And fk, I feel like an a****** for being like “lol nick is rip” when you’re going through this.
    Since a dollar is like 20 pesos I can only donate like 10 but believe me, with those 10 I could buy a lot of games. But I won’t. Because I feel like an a******.
    So I’ll go create a PayPal or sth because you deserve this and way more.


  3. Huh, well, that’s fucked up. Anyway, isn’t 3~5 chaps a day a little too much? especially when you are having all those problems? I tell it cause i have the same problem: Anxiety and insomnia, and some other problems related to stress.
    As i have barely money to pay my bills, i’m sorry. Just don’t overwork yourself. More than anything we want you to be healthy again to deliver 23123293912391293129312 chapters, mwahahahahahaa


    • 3 chaps is my limit, in good health it is 10-11 chapters a day, so you can guess how fast I am when Tl’ing, however editing takes up time, and IRL always been a bitch towards me. Since Childhood! This time it is dangerously serious though, I might even die from hunger.
      And so, TL’ing will give me enough money in 10 days, meanwhile Part-time jobs will give a lot less which won’t be able to make me go through this month, no not even next week. I will have to again work like all days to become dead log at nights, that will only worsen my situation, and I hate that to happen. *I don’t wanna die as a poor person and single*


      • oh, if tl’ing will give you money to survive in a more confortable way than part-timing and won’t end up tiring you even more, it’s win-win for you/us. Anyway, get better/richer soon, we can’t stand seeing you suffer


  4. Hey m8. I thought I could share some of my thoughts with you here. Although I’m a leecher and haven’t commented before I have been thinking about doing so for a while. I love both of the series you translate (especially KnM) and love to see you back. I love how earnest and hard working you are and I think I have some suggestions. While I can’t help you with money or the PS4 I would gladly sub to you on youtube and watch your vids. But in order to make money off that you would have to get a partnership and that is pretty difficult so I wouldn’t recommend it. I would say you should set up a patreon page where people can subscribe and donate monthly to you. It’s super slick and some high end TL sites use it. I’m glad to see you’re back and if you hadn’t I was thinking about telling off all the people who were heckling you. I understand how difficult it can be and how unpredictable life is, while most leechers don’t care. They only see the chapters and not the man behind the screen. I really hope things get better for you and I hope you can find solace in the fact that I still have faith in you. Stay strong Nick. I’ll leave you with a story. Once there was a king who commissioned his court to come up with a phrase that would make him happy when he was sad, and sad when he was happy. Alas, the philosophers could not fulfill the king’s desire. The king then told the populace and would reward them for solving his quandry. At last a lowly peasant comes to the king. He comes bearing a ring he spent all his money making. On said ring was engraved the phrase — ‘This too shall pass’

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    • Partnership can go out with less than a hundred bucks upon getting just 100 followers, that’s not much difficult, but I also need views, for that I need to share videos with my friends, public and other places on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other SN sites and apps. That won’t take much time, but because I know that it quite risky in start that I wrote that “NO WONDER I CAME UP WITH QUITE A RISKY IDEA*.

      I will make out a lot, with just broadcasting, and making vids over Patreon too, and of course YouTube. However I will never ever again go against my schedule, I don’t want to suffer as bad as right now.

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  5. Hi man I am sorry to hear about your situation,you cleary need to rest man, from what? Everything,
    Don’t you have any relatives near you ?,can you ask them to let you move to there house temporary until you calm down , ask them if you can borrow some money from them,better a family member than a total stranger, Alse you really should call your parents, you should really keep them updated on your situation and try to decrease the number of jobs your talking it’s not really that healthy to take that many jobs in your current state, don’t lose hope,don’t hate yourself and be postive I know it’s hard but try to maintain a postive state,
    Life can be hard on everyone, some days can look like the end of the world for some people but it’s really isn’t calm down eat and sleep well and try to meditate it does help,
    Stop with translation for a while it’s not a source for comfort nor money, you well only feel dispointed and betrayed it’s not worth your time hope you well get better buddy sorry that all I can offer you since I am broke myself lol


    • If I had I won’t be writing this stuff here, well there is an uncle of mine, but hey guess what? He’s of to business tour since 2 weeks ago, no any other person to be helping me out here *relatives I mean*.
      That’s the reason I posted the post and wrote TL work, as it takes less toll on my psyche and body both, like totally reduced by 70-80% compared to when I’m doing part-time jobs. *not including any software or game making*


  6. Damm,thats….tough,i don’t know exactly what to say but be sure to take care of yourself,and as for “breaking” your promise with the TLing;i get that a personal promise that you taken upon yourself to see-througt is important but don’t beat yourselfl too much kay?As far as it go,at least i forgive you ^^


  7. Don’t run yourself into the ground.I don’t know about everyone else, but I’d be happy with 5 or 6 chapters a week reliably, instead of a lot of chapters sporadically. It’s been a while so I’ll donate a little to the cause. I can’t afford much, but if everyone that posts here would donate $5.00 a month as well you could at least keep your light on.


  8. Never have I seen such a legitimate cause to ask for money, I will see what I can donate to you through the donations I get for my several works as an author.

    hope you make it out of the dark ages, and for us 1 chapter or two is fine for a day, 5 chapters a week and I’ll be sated, no need for 3 a day, I’ll even offer my hand to help with the editing if you think it’s taking a toll on your body.

    I’ll do whatever I can to help, and I hope your plans go smoothly


  9. Oh..well… I agree with most of the comment before me, maybe you better off with a hiatus, take your time to rest and work (maybe working make the ps4 ad video plan works?).. sorry that I can’t donate because my part time job as a tutor for highschooler is barely enough for me, so well… Nick, goodluck and stay safe! P.S. please don’t do anyting too reckless


  10. Life hits hard once you go independent. Especially in regards to money.

    I’ll see what I can to help you.

    About that trust issues, just tell us when you’re having troubles and got to stop TL for a while. And don’t set the bar too high like 50chaps in a week. Even a translator group never did that, it should be even harder for a solo like you. I’m not underestimating you, but human got their limits you know.

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    • I can do 10-11 chaps in a day when in normal condition, so 50 chaps in a week is nothing impossible for me, if just, truly if just my RL wasn’t bitchy like 3x than other people.


  11. i dont wanna sound mocking or anything but could you start streaming yourself eating food? i wonder if thats a possibility..
    realistic question: any skills u can freelance with? open market for digital art, sfx, and programming. ofc payout varies by region so idk if it’s good enough


  12. Thanks for the update. If you need to stop TL’ing then stop, you are under no obligation to give us those chapter right away. I also think that their has been a breach of trust, most of us assumed that something was going on IRL so don’t beat yourself up over it.


  13. hello everyone you can now donate $1 a month on nicks patron please donate to feed a man $1 helps a man live and translate if you say you cant donate a $1 a month please stop bull shitting even school boy/girl gets more than $1 dollar a week


  14. Well…..uh….maybe I’ll give 10 bucks. If you had a more stable release schedule though that might give more incentive for people to donate, like 3 chapters a week or something.


  15. While asking for donations and help is one thing, I think asking for enough for a ps4 is the wrong way to go about it. That’s what, at least $300 + subscriptions + games? That’s an investment that may or may not pay off and if it does, not for a while to go back from red.

    Good luck buddy, hope you get some rest. I think a true hiatus would be warranted.


    • I have worked in for 2 years, 4 years ago, was able to get in due to backdoors, anyhow, thanks to that I can get any Sony stuff real cheap. So your $350 of Ps4 comes for about $150-170 for me. now that is cheap. The other money I’m asking for is just living expenses, uni fees, and microphone and headphone. *Moreover the subscription is nothing much costly. Meanwhile games come cheap in Japan, quite laughable when everything else comes pricey.


  16. still alive bro? This time I seriously thought you are bedridden or something LOL
    btw im just glad that you are ok , just that I cant really trust people who dont keep their word ,I know in this crappy game called life one cant know the future only predict ,but still ;3 , so dont expect much from me,ill still send couple of $ tho maybe ,g’luck this time


  17. Sorry to hear that you are struggling but, I feel that I must say my 2 cents now rather than later. You are chasing a dream & asking for money to buy a PS4 is not the way to do it. You will not be the next big youtuber or streamer & sadly that’s a fact, that’s an over saturated market. Not too mention that it requires an audience much bigger than a few thousands on Youtube, Twitch subscribers & donations you will not get. Also an audience that will take more than a year to build, expenses for games, even if you torrent some of them, it will not be enough because viewers don’t search out videos of old games that they have seen people they like / subscribed to play. In short it wont happen. And if you do get that PS4 you will have to split more time between translating, working, studying, recording, editing, uploading, sleeping etc. Somethings gotta give or you will truly break.

    You are putting yourself in this situation & are now asking for a bailout (Of course that’s if you are not lying which is something none of us can truly know) Your best bet is to go on a hiatus or put either KnD or Mnd on a break while you take your time finishing one or the other.

    Now, I am gonna tell you why I haven’t donated & will not donate to you in the foreseeable future. Prior to this post, I have seen countless of your posts that are nothing more than rants, which is fine, your site post whatever you like. But for me, its nothing more than a cry for attention & comes of bit childish and immature. Sure that might not be your intention and I might be reading into it wrong, also if the rants help you relieve stress, that’s great. But for a visitor to the site that comes looking for updates, not so much.

    Rants or other posts that have nothing to do with status updates / releases of the content I am seeking are things, no one wants too see or just me I suppose in this case.

    Scheduling, I like knowing when releases are coming out, I got no problems when there are delays for ‘X’ reasons. That being said I much rather have 1 weekly update, every week on the same day, than having 3 updates one day & nothing for the next week, two weeks or month. I do not like having been told that a chapter or chapters will be release on this date, only too be told the next day or week, that it wont be happening for ”X” reasons.

    Quality, for the first 150 or so chapters, the quality due to editing & proof reading was great, now that I catch up, not so much. I don’t know if you also do proof reading/editing or someone else but since then new updates aren’t great. They aren’t bad either, Ive read a lot worse…very bad ones & powered through those, but for future readers that might not share my perseverance, this might be something to work on. I am sure that someone might be willing to help out proof reading & editing a few chapters, myself included in my spare time. This might be something worth considering, having new releases being already proofread and edited, if only a bit more than the current updates would make a huge difference. Nothing worse than reading while having to decipher, what something means at the same time, it takes you out of the immersion a bit.

    Its late and I cant remember any other points, I would have liked to make if any existed. In conclusion consider translating not as business, but a hobby. Sure, you can make money from it & if some of the things, I mention are changed, more people will donate or at the very least spread the word, getting you more visitors & possible donators. I follow other translators & authors who do better & it isn’t just because of the story they translate so much as how they translate it. In conclusion do better in presenting yourself & your work, and you will not have to ask for donations. That’s what I believe at least. Hope you take something from this.


    • TL’ing 2-3 chaps a day, making vids and studying is easily possible schedule to do, nothing impossible.
      And I’m just starting at gaming vids, will go to different areas moreover I also have never thought about making vids of old games, so no worry there.

      I’m neither trying to be the next big YouTuber or Streamer, but rather this way will only increase my earnings, by quite a lot. I’m not asking a million views or something, but you know new games walkthroughs get good amount of views, somewhere around 300 thousand – 500 thousand, for a person who made his first video on YouTube (source: me from a year ago, my friends too), so nothing much of a problem there is.

      As for editors, yeah I do want ’em but the work never really keeps on with the time-zone differences and as I always say: Don’t expect much from my edits!

      Finally, I’m just saying that 3 chapters a day is my limit at my current body state, and this limit can also cope up after I get cured up and start to go on YouTube, and other places. *I’ve been a lot on Hangouts*.

      Anyhow, thank you for showing concern for me, but I need to increase the places money can come to me, at least for 2 1/5 years from right now, after that there will no problems.


  18. 3-5 chaps a day is crazy bro, most translations go weeks without even one and you go through so much and still do this much. You’re insane and i got mad respect for you. You should cut back on the tl a little more than than 1 every few weeks isn’t bad untill you’re back on your feet and steady


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