Been MIA for a few days. News for that

I won’t be revealing much about what happened as it is just too personal, but all I can tell is you all that it was a life-and-death threatening extreme emergency situation……for me. And as being an emergency situation I can’t do anything about it.

So I had to go back to England in a hurry, leaving behind my laptop in Japan. I returned just yesterday night and was like crying blood in my mind for not posting any chapters for sooo many days.

And as a good thing, summer holidays are still intact, all the way up to Sept. I won’t be giving the whole July for TL, but starting weeks of July along with now-less-than-half of June, yeah I can give.

Don’t worry, now I have nothing serious to deal with. And Thank You everyone who was worried about me.


44 thoughts on “Been MIA for a few days. News for that

  1. Well, glad hear you okay now. I will not ask what exactly happened to respect you privacy. Just make sure to not overwork yourself.


  2. Glad you’re fine.

    Your usual posting time is at night right? I’ll polish my F5 button for now. Im sure its going to be used a lot tonight.


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