No Chapters today?

I know it that this is ridiculous, but don’t fret tomorrow night (before day changes) you will get the chapters.

As my stock was near end, so I TL’ed new chapters and will make the stock of about 20 chapters by tomorrow. 8-10  chapters will be released after being edited.

Again, yeah I know it is ridiculous, but it’s my fault for not keeping my stock maintained, only I am to be blamed here. Sorry.
I will try to get as many chapters as I can by the end of this week.

Oh, damn, this week thing is already confusing me~~~. But wait, let’s see hmm, This Sunday KnM over,

MnD Starts on the Monday.

Yeah this much easier for even me to understand, rather than the week stuff.

Have fun tonight, go ahead read other stories, Oh and a minor spoiler!

You are going to be hyped in the next coming chapters of KnM. Yeah you will be!


60 thoughts on “No Chapters today?

  1. I think he/she? is holding the chapters hostages and expecting donators to fill up the donation goal and then violate our minds with the releases, or else translator-san is laughing while reading this comments about our despair and crazy theories XD

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  2. Maybe he has been summoned to another world by force and currently on a conquest in making his harem whether the yandere or tsundere type…. Let wish him a good luck for his conquest in another world


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