Kuro no Maou Chapter 270-272

I’ve been outside home the whole day and didn’t even edit chapters (including ones I promised before). As you see, today is my BIRTHDAY! *YAY YAY CLAP CLAP CLAP*  so yeah I don’t believe I have time to TL any stuff in night also because I’ll be out of house in the night too.

So better pray 13 chapters for tomorrow. And I need to pick up my speed for a total of near 60 chapters.
Oh some people said that I will post 60 chapters, but sorry, go back in posts and re-read what I wrote: I wrote KnM 60 chapter, probable. Not definitely. If you wanna ask what is definitely than that would be 40-50.


3rd Chapter of the Week: KnM Chapter 270

4th Chapter of the Week: KnM Chapter 271

5th Chapter of the Week: KnM Chapter 272

Oh and as always don’t rely too much on my edits.

*sobs* It’s my birthday but I got nothing as support *sob*. I better be a good TL’er for you all, the one that doesn’t break promises!

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26 thoughts on “Kuro no Maou Chapter 270-272

  1. Happy Birthday! and thanks for the chapters. Also may you spend a great time with your friends and family(if you celebrate it with them that is) Also how old will you turn this year?(Optional, as it is private information,as I can understand why you wouldn’t like to answer this)
    And where will you go to celebrate your birthday? (also optional).
    In the end what I want to say is have a great time on your birthday


    • I rarely celebrate my birthday with my parents (as it before summer holidays).
      I will turn 20 this year. Now I can boldly buy adult stuff (not the R-18 stuff, but simple alcohol, driving license along with a good expensive car, not some normal one) without trying to mask my identity of an old person!
      I celebrate my birthday anywhere, let’s say for example: Night Clubs, rooftop party or a buffet party. Then an after party till the day……

      Damn it, it has almost become my instinct to reply to good comments and shitty comments while ignoring the fact that I’m doing something in RL. Like right now I was in middle of finishing a bottle of vodka, but spilled it over me because I was writing a reply to you!
      Damn it! Lols, off to new bottle.


      • I’m very sorry that due to me you spilled your vodka bottle (still I wonder if my comment was shitty or good)


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