RW, err, RM starts late?

Well yeah, I needed to fix my body clock and increase my endurance to be awake, so I needed to first finish my sleeps.
Henceforth, I had been sleeping all the way since 31st……no, not all the time I woke in between though.

Anyhow, with three days wasted (and this month having 4 weeks), I will increase 3 days more in the 3 week rampage. (normally one month has 3 weeks and couple of days).

Now the Rampage Month starts, wait for the chapters, as they will start up being updated from the midnight tonight, so basically from the 4th. (as I said 3 days wasted).

Wanna see my speed for the first time, let’s see, hmm, 60 chapters of KnM in first week, yeah probable, more than that? not so probable. Anymore than 100? Yeah, piss off! (lol)

See you at midnight.


13 thoughts on “RW, err, RM starts late?

  1. It’s okay to be late it’s your life and while you’re doing this a job it doesn’t mean we can just force you(I’m talking about the leeches such as me and others because the others are donating to you, sorry).On the bright side at least rampage week hasn’t turned into rampage year


  2. cant wait and i would be happy with 1 KnM a month as for the others i dont read so i am excited but please dont push yourself to much as i would hate to see it end before you finish translating


  3. please find someone who will continue mnd, as its A better series, it deserves better treatment especially when you cihyhpon money for easier series and take the easy ways out, ….


    • 1st week KnM.
      2nd week MnD. MnD and OreDorei are in 2nd and 3rd week because they have big chapters and my holidays start from 2nd week. so bear with it. I never said I won’t TL that. Ugh at least the post I wrote before
      3rd week OreDorei.
      4th week I sleep.


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