OreDorei Chapter 5-Afterword + News for ALL READERS

Been so long since I posted anything here. So here is 30th and sorry but I wasn’t able to even finish Volume 3, but just finished the first chapter and prologue and half the second chapter. (Volume 3 is big, with 300+ pages, while V1 & 2 both were 300- pages)……

To read this stuff go to the TOC. Will post a [FULL VOLUME] post on Baka-Tsuki later. Oh and if someone wants to then make a pdf for this volume.

Anyhow, the TL of Oredorei will stop after tomorrow and the TL’s of WN will start again…

A good news, The rampage week had turned into Rampage Month…because I promised to start it during summer break AND ALSO BECAUSE  NEXT MONTH IS MY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY AS A TRANSLATOR!!!

1st week of June goes to KnM, 2nd to MnD, 3rd to Oredorei.

Why MnD and Oredorei in 2nd and 3rd? That is because summer holidays will start from 2nd week. Oh yeah!!! Big chapters are for summer holidays!!! I will close the donation boxes as they will return to zero every day based on the rate of donations I get…so yeah no db for next month. (don’t worry the ones who have already given me money will have it the transaction of chapters completed).
As a substitute I will add a SUPPORT BAR and wait for it to fill. Note 1: It will be connected to the bar from Patreon, so if you give to me in patreon it will fill up in here however the other way doesn’t work. Note 2: Filling up that bar won’t make my speed any faster in June as I will write at my full speed, however it might affect the speed of later months.

Finally, I thank all the people who have given me support till now and have kept reading the twisted story and comedy story and near porn story (it will turn more serious in later volumes) and also a nearly halted story along with my Original that I will start from July.

Do support me via Donation or better subscribe a little amount to me via Patreon.


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