OreDorei V2C5 Part 1

I will give out the whole chapter by tomorrow. As this chapter is big and I started it just now.

I ask for forgiveness from the readers, because I dropped myself to my personal lust and animal instincts and ended up reading new LN series. How can a human go against the instincts of venturing in a new world (a new story)!?

And so, because of that, I want to ask for forgiveness that I delayed the chapter by many days. Moreover I still haven’t read it completely!  (just 9 volumes left). Oh god! Anyhow, going to make some time and read it while TL’ing.

Hence you got the reason why this chapter will be done by tomorrow Oh after this chapter is Epilogue and afterword. Then a new volume. Have fun. *RACE AGAINST TIME START* 10 days left, 2 volumes 2 do……9 volumes to read *tehee*.

Have fun~ Read the chapter via TOC.

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18 thoughts on “OreDorei V2C5 Part 1

      • I was reading various works.
        1. NGNL: V8.
        2. Dungeon ni Deai (V1-v10). I had never read it before. *1 volume left to read*
        3. Netoge no yome: V9-V10.
        4. Rokujouma: V20-22 *1 volume left to read*
        5. Inou Battle wa: V5-11. *5 volumes left to read*
        6. Shuumatsu nani shitemasuka, mouichido aemasuka?: V1. (this is different from ‘sukutte moratte ii desuka’. The one that is having WN Tl’ed)
        7. Tenkyou no Alderamin: V8-9 *1 volume left*
        8. Toaru Majutsu no Index -x- Virtual-On: V1. *left to read*

        So yeah a total of 9 books left to read.

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  1. kekeke….true enough, my reading list is insanely big and that too leaving the japanese ones (untranslated) since i am not yet that good in the language


  2. Are you dropping both MnD and KnM? MnD has been sitting at part 1 for awhile now… while KnM is just … not there anymore.

    I dont mind if you’re dropping them in pursue of new novels but some information pls xD


    • …have I EVER said I’m DROPPING those novels???
      Better read my rants than making your brain run in some different directions……and yes I’m angry at you being a retard and a lazy person who doesn’t read my rants in which sometimes, if not every time, I do tell important stuff. You’re like 10th person to actually ask this stuff this month! Arrgh, seriously, let me off!!!


      Second of all, the TL’s will start from next month, June. So have fun waiting some more days…AND DO REMEMBER MY WARNING ABOVE.


      • Perhaps instead of rants, it would be better too have a status update or a status post. Maybe a sidebar like the donation one, which tells potential dates or even better than putting actual dates, that people will inevitably interpret as release dates and complain soon after date passes. A sidebar with options like: in-progress, delayed, soon to be release etc.


        • Well I post POSTS that have news/update/whatsoshit about those type of stuff, but my rant is also included (after the main stuff), so better read it.

          And sidebard idea is good, but it’s no-go. I already have too much stuff in sidebars, can’t be extending it more. Seems stuffy.


      • Ah im sorry. Since i follow your wordpress, i read the feed to get updates and i probably missed the rants cause it was in your other TLs.

        Welp all i can say is sorry i guess.


        • Although if I had to say… i didnt really like the way you insulted me there… but i get that you’re stressed and all… i was just kinda concerned.. though i would like it if your tone and wordings wasn’t so… hurtful.


          • Yeah, I was angry at that moment, cuz many people had asked me same stuff and I hate repeating it. Sorry for the wordings…

            hey, was English ever an polite language? that’s a news to me.

            Anyhow, again sorry and the chapters as said before, will start from June. Have fun and please do read the rants or just skim through it to the main parts and just read those parts.

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  3. are u going to release up to v4 at one time or part by but bcz as per above post u telling u finish up to v4 and start other two WN next month but so far u havent still updated since 5days


    • I haven’t asked in quite the while mate…and what do you mean ‘excuse of orei to take up money meant for mnd’. Listen well, you’re the first person I’m going to reveal it today:

      Next month will be my 1 year anniversary as a TL’er, and I will start a Rampage Month (not week). So although the chapter speed will be low if what I had thought to do in RW, but still you will get above 100 chapters in the month. (100+ chapters is the cumulative number of chapters of different series).

      And also I’m not doing sponsored chapters for Oredorei because just no……and for MnD the sponsored chapters are now Part 1 or 2 or 3 sometimes 4. Those parts are the chapters included in those 3 or 4 added chapters Chapter.


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