OreDorei V2C4 completed

The wait was long was but this chapter also finished.

Now that I’ve done overwork at my part-time jobs and gotten enough money to get by at least this month. Now I will be able to dedicate my time in TL’ing till Volume 4. *Volume 5 completing this month is impossible even for me.*

Anyhow, now the chapters won’t be delayed much because now I have more time to TL.

【FULL】Chapter 4: First Day of the Quest【FULL】


6 thoughts on “OreDorei V2C4 completed

  1. I was contemplating whether I want to start reading this or not since I’m worried you might put it on hiatus again.

    But seeing that you’re now very consistent with your releases now, I think this will be a good time to start.

    Keep up the good work. *thumbs up*


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