OreDorei Volume 2 Chapter 3 Completed! + news for KnM and MnD Readers!

Well the jet lag sure hits hard!

Here you go:

【FULL】Chapter 3: Sea and Quest【FULL】

Oh, I’m even TL’ing this LN, but no supports for this one alone? I’m shocked.

Do support me via Donation or better subscribe a little amount to me via Patreon.

Now the news  for readers of KnM and MnD.

I’m going to update the TOC’s, it will take time, and will update the sponsored chapter bar.

However, I won’t release the chapters this month. Yeah the whole month. I know it might sound ridiculous and whatnot, but please endure it.

I’ve got over 340 e-mails, yes, 340 e-mails saying to finish up OreDorei first and then go back on other WN’s. (most of them read KnM, pfft, masochists? sadists?) I think if I stopped the TL’s right now, they are going to spam my e-mails.

It took lots of my time to delete them while reading each and every one of them. But still, with so many leechers, no one wants to support me? and neither many wanted to be editors. Only one person gave me the e-mail, but yeah he didn’t pass. My talk seems to have derailed.

Anyhow, readers sorry for inconvenience. Please endure your fire and hate for cliffhangers. Sorry. Truly.

You’r KnM/MnD/OreDore/maybe KnW TL’er


34 thoughts on “OreDorei Volume 2 Chapter 3 Completed! + news for KnM and MnD Readers!

  1. Thanks for you work, i guess i will start reading oredorei ( i didn’t want to start it because i did’nt have enough time and to much to read )…. How many volume is this novel?

    Thanks again for taking the time to translate


      • What I mean is what exactly does the editor do? I always see how translators need editors but I’m not clear on what the editors’ job requires

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        • Pretty sure it means checking spelling and grammar and punctuation. Also making sure the sentences read correctly for English. Possibly removing some space between lines?


          • I see, not to undermine the plight of editors but that doesn’t seem too hard. Especially if your native language is English. Unless of course it’s British English which would be difficult for me cause I’m American. And I think according to baka-Tsuki they prefer British English.


            • Ah, I use British English. Because I’m a native and writing in American English, SOMETIMES, can be hard for me.
              But I still maintain the flow, with both writings in my TLs.


        • My TL’s are many time with wrong punctuation and whatnot, sometimes even grammar. An editor fixes that, then a proofreader looks for some left problems, and at last, after fixing all the problems. the Chapter is posted.

          That’s how it goes, but I don’t have an editor, so I edit it myself, but I don’t have that much confidence in my edits.


          • I can try editing if you want, but I’m also a student so my schedule’s pretty busy. It’s pretty lax here over Catingham cuz my translator’s only releases twice a month or so.


  2. Guess i will have to go to the gym a bit more ( dont even go to the gym) thanks for your hard work sensei!
    ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) #FLEX
    _ノ ヽ ノ \
    `/ `/ ⌒Y⌒ Y ヽ
    (  (三ヽ人  /  |
    | ノ⌒\  ̄ ̄ヽ  ノ
    |( 王 ノ〈
    / ヽ_/  |
    |  /


  3. Well since I have some time to kill i might as well take a shot at the proofread position (if it’s still vacant that is…..) I’ll send my email after my work is done.


    • …well if, just if, like totally if, I finish up OreDorei and still get time left from TL’ing other WN’s.
      I will start TL’ing KnW. HOWEVER, the LN and not WN. Because, LN is shorter than WN, one volume can be finished in a week. There are only 7 or maybe 8 volumes in total.

      So yeah, that’s my idea.


      • Hey, ive started translating Word master [webnovel] (through machine) and im half way through chapter 206 where anri has left off. i was wondering if you have any ideas on where i should post it since a huge mish-mash of people have been translating it or any other advice. Thanks!


        • You can try commenting to the places that were doing it, they might post it.
          OR, the good idea be, better open up a WP and say, my schedule is not planned at all, but have fun reading this machine-tl.
          Many visitors will come at your WP.
          Oh and try to add the release on NU, or AU.


  4. Hey Nick, could you at least finish the current battle on Kmd? I’m reading OreDorei as well but you left a hugh cliffhanger there. If you could do that, then I will wait till the end of OreDorei to get on with KmD and KnM. Of course do I have if you won’t?


  5. well the thing about people supporting you or not. you are basically going on breaks constantly while shamelesly asking for donations so i have no idea how you even get any donations but i guess some people are just gullible. maybe if you were translating regularly and not give any excuses every week or 2 more people would be willing to donate 🙂


    • Or on the flip side, he has to go on more breaks because people don’t donate. His laptop broke a while back and he needed for translating a new one and if more people donated he could have gotten a new one and went back to translating faster.


      • haha it doesn’t work like that 😀 if you would look at some real translators and how they work you would understand that what he is doing is some shady shit. he kind of reminds me of durasama. thing is, when a translator says he “needs donations before he can start translating” that’s usually a bad sign. and this guy disapeared multiple times already for whatever reasons. always coming back with excuses and how he will translate *inster random number* chapters in the coming week. and then 3 days later he was on a break again. it’s obvious he is forcing out money from the readers, and that is fine. if people want to pay him so he translates they are free to do so. but he won’t get many donators if he does this 🙂


        • Yet he always ends up giving us chapters regardless of whether he gets paid. And the whole laptop thing, he would halve bought it himself eventually. But donations would have helped to speed it up due to his financial situation. And there were sim delays for his rage week but he ended up shitting out a ton of MnD and KnD as well as half a volume of Oredorei and continuing. And he already said he may do a KnW light novel translation. So I don’t know where your “shady stuff” and “broken promises” are really coming from. Cause so far he’s been delivering for me and I haven’t given him a penny (I would if I could).


  6. As long as your still working on MnD am happy and will wait. Also I’m happy this was done since I thought you had stopped doing MnD, thanks ^-^. Note: just found the site yesterday and just started reading


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