OreDorei V2 C2 Completed!

I’m in England right now, so the date changes from that of Japan. That’s why I still maintained my promise.

Oh, I’m having a problem here. This chapter was 6000 or so words. Like a normal MnD Chapter.
However, in Microsoft Word, the English 6000 words for MnD chapters take around 14-15 pages, but for this OreDorei Chapter with same amount of words it took 27 pages?
Oh, the font size and font family and scale are all same, but still this one took more pages, why? I’m curious!! Tell me!!!

Oh the chapter is here:

【FULL】OreDorei Volume 2 Chapter 2【FULL】

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14 thoughts on “OreDorei V2 C2 Completed!

      • I’m sure they’re referring to the line spacing. If the line spacing or the paragraph spacing (spacing between paragraphs which word allows to be configured separately) or the margins are different, then the documents would use up a different amount of space.

        IF all those are still the same my theory would be either word length (the use of words that are longer in the English language) or perhaps greater use of dialogue and shorter lines (which seems to be a pattern in OreDorei).

        Thinking about it some more, my money’s on more dialogue and shorter descriptive paragraphs.


  1. Some words use more space than others like “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis” is longer than “lung disease” and they have the same meaning (first one have more details)


  2. RE: Pages. You should also check page format and styles. I’ve seen the two take up as much as three times as many page. I’m not sure if you TL on the fly ( read the book and type into Word or cut and paste from a TLing software. If you use software it will probably copy both from the original source.


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