I’ve taken the results of Poll

This is not exactly info, but just some notification sort of message. *(There is a difference between the two).

I’ve taken the results of Poll and the winner is: ‘Yes I would love it’

Although: ‘Post 1 chapter per week and post WN’s chapters per day’ also had a near battle but it lost.

And hence, I’m rescheduled my timing for the week, so let me tell you I won’t change them.

Now, off to start TL’ing Chapter 2 of OreDorei. Will be available by tomorrow.


16 thoughts on “I’ve taken the results of Poll

  1. Wondering about MnD (Dreamer) here as there hasn’t been a chapter yet but I don’t mind waiting as I can see you trying something new! When can we expect a MnD chapter? Just wondering and thanks for your hard work!


  2. I find the poll kinda unfair.
    Just saw the poll and ‘Post 1 chapter per week and post WN’s chapters per day’ has the most votes now. I didn’t vote because I didn’t even know there was a poll, neither did the other leeches. Because I am more interested in KnM than OreDorei, so when I saw that you posted OreDorei, I was like ‘Guess I just wait until they update KnM’ and the description doesn’t even say there is a poll there.

    This is just me complaining, but I would really appreciate it if you could give us a heads up whenever there’s a poll.


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