OreDorei Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 6

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Chapter 1 Part 6

The next day.

Lela standing on the platform in Rivaldi Classroom informed something like this in the morning.

「Two weeks from now, the『Ranking Competition and Tag-team Examinations』will be held」

Tag-team Examinations?

It was a word not familiar to Hayate, but apparently the girls in the classroom understood it, and some students were even nodding.

「You all might still vividly remember about the『Inter-School Rankings』that were released yesterday. Everyone must already understand to where they belong, whether it is Top Ranks, Middle Ranks or Low Ranks. The tag-team examination this time, just as the names says, is about tag-team match based on Ranks」

In short it was an examination where the Hexenritters of the same rank would form a tag team, and fight against the other tag team.

The total of Ranks of members in the tag team are taken in heed, based on that the teachers set the cards with a tag team with same total Ranks. Differing from Tournament or Battle Royal, the result of that one fight would be reflected on the results of each member.

「But isn’t the『Walpurgis』a battle royal where a person fights alone against all others? Then why is there an tag-team examination?」

Sherry replied to Hayate’s naïve question.

「Well as much as『Walpurgis』is important, the main duty of Hexenritters i.e. To protect the country and people is also important. For example, when one enters the Chivalric Order, but couldn’t coordinate with others, wouldn’t it be a big problem?」

「I see now……but, isn’t that quite foolish?」

「What is?」

Sherry cocked her head slightly.

She seemed to not understand the weight behind the situation, so Hayate taught her politely.

「Aren’t the people who would make a tag-team from the same Ranks?」

「Yeah. I’m a Top Ranker, so I can only form a team with another Top Ranker」

「Aria and Kiruru are in Middle Ranks. You don’t have any other friend, so there is no one who would form a team with you, aren’t I right?」


Sherry quickly held back her expression.

She finally understood about the situation.

Hayate nodded in satisfaction when suddenly Sherry pinched his buttocks.

Regarding Hayate, having endured from screaming, Sherry muttered in a cold tone.

「If you treat me as a loner……will cry」

「W-Will cry, you?」

「No, you」

「Why is it me!?」

「I will make you cry」

「I was in the wrong!」

Hayate begged for forgiveness in a panic.

「Shut up you lowlifes」

Lela threw the chalk at them, which Sherry easily dodged but in turn it stuck in the forehead of Hayate.


Hayate nearly fainted in agony.

As if to emphasize it finally became silent, Lela brought the explanation of examination to an end.

「Notify to me about the person you will make a pair with, by today I mean. If you are any later, it would be taken as abstinence. The briefing about examination ends with this. You all should try to get done with your primary preparations」

Lela said that and left. A second later, the girls in the classroom started negotiating with each other, while voices that more or less were like “Will you pair with me?” started resounded from everywhere.

Of course, Sherry was outside that circle, while sitting in the corner of the classroom…….

「So? What are you going to do about the problem?」

「……Nothing in particular. There aren’t many Top Rankers among the first-year students in the first place. Let’s go to the upperclassmen’s classroom after the school and search for someone who would join with us, right?」

「So only that is left, huh」

Hayate nodded while resting his chin on one hand.

Hm? Wait a sec, isn’t Victoria also a Top Ranker?

Then Sherry can form a tag team with Victoria.

But, Hayate soon gave up on his idea.

Even if I or Sherry pleaded, she would only refuse it, it’s quite obvious.

There was a little trouble yesterday too. Even if they asked for forming a team she would flatly reject them. To boot, the possibility of her asking us to form a team was obviously low……

「Excuse me, Scharlachrot-san」

At that time, the aforesaid Victoria called out to Sherry.

Hayate never had thought that she would come talking to them out of her own accord and at this timing, hence he was slightly surprised. Although Sherry didn’t show any expression, she also was probably feeling the same.

「Do you have any work with us? Vicotria-san」

「Isn’t it natural that I have some work. If not, I would never call out to you」

「Yeah, indeed. So, your work is?」

Sherry smoothly eluded Victoria’s unsociable manner of speaking.


Victoria firmly closed her eyes as if in agony of something while her mouth was twitching.

And, she opened her eyes filled with determination and pointed her index finger covered in a white glove towards Sherry.

「In this examination, I will give you the offer to form a team with you!」

「Eh? I don’t want to」

……She replied immediately.

On the other hand, Victoria, having invited her after resolving, resented her curt reply.

「At least think for a bit!」

「……Yeah, I still don’t want to」

「I didn’t mean to think and then reject me」

Victoria stomped her feet.

「Don’t complain and form a team with me!」

「Aren’t I refusing all the time. You’re too obstinate」

「Just what do about me gives you dissatisfaction!?」

「I see. I can line up near 10 reasons, but do you surely want to hear that?」


「Let me ask you, why do you want to pair with me? Its’ not like we have a friendly relation too, right?」

「T-That is……」

Having been questioned, Victoria faltered.


Did she just send a fleeting glance at me? Is it my imagination?

Although he was curious of Victoria’s glance, but Hayate didn’t cut into the conversation of the two.

「A-Anyways, this great me is giving you an invitation, just accept this kind offer obediently!」

「I don’t like that condescending attitude」


No matter what she said, there wasn’t any favourable reply, and tears started accumulating in the corner of her eyes. Finally, she grabbed the hem of her skirt and shouted out desperately with a red face.

「You……! You’re too much conceited when you don’t even had any other friends to team up with!」


Ah, just now something stick into Sherry’s breasts.

「To begin with you’re too much obstinate and your personality also is a failure. Isn’t that the reason for not being able to make any friend!? Before summoning that man you’re were just sitting alone in the corner of school cafeteria every singe day!」

「……(stab stab stab)」

「Let alone the tag-team examination this time, weren’t your singled out in the classes that asked to form a pair of two! You loner of loners, great loner girl! From now onwards you’re nicknames is loner girl!」

「……(stab stab stab)」

「Hey, you, sto-……」

Hayate, hearing till now from the sides, felt a sense of impending danger and interjected to stop Victoria.

But, she, having her feelings too worked up, tried to thrust away Hayate, who was trying to interfere with her.

「What did you say!? Better withdraw right now!」

「No, like this it will dangerous for you……」

Hayate tried to amicably end all this, but──*clatter*, he sensed someone standing up from the seat right behind him.


Hayate timidly turned behind. Sherry, standing behind him……had her usual cool expression.

But, that usual expression is the most terrifying!


While maintaining her cool expression, she tightly gripped the whip for punishment in her right hand.

「Who is that personality-failure, pessimistic, communicative disorder-suffering, pair-forming phobia girl?」


She let out outrageous killing intent that even Victoria had to shut up.

Sherry wasn’t someone who would forgive the other person for just shutting up, but──hearing the words Victoria spoke next while shivering, the whip that was about to fall down stopped midway.

「I-I want to request a quest for you from my family」



It was again a word unknown to Hayate, but seeing Sherry’s reaction, it was quite the important thing, apparently.

Victoria continued on in a fluster while still gazing at the tip of whip.

「However there is a condition. That is to form a team with me and show your abilities in the next examination……if you could do it, Onee-sama, the head of family, would personally request the quest」


While lightly hitting the whip with her palm, Sherry kept silent to investigate the words of Victoria.



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