OreDorei Chapter 1 Part 4 updated

Oh looks like no one wants to be an editor of this near-po, err, correction, near-human body research novel.

Anyhow, the new part has been added. Just read it on that very page.

Chapter 1 Part 4 – Oh and remember to scroll downwards~

And if someone wants to be the editor, just edit the current amount of parts (till part 4 now) and send it as an e-mail to me.


14 thoughts on “OreDorei Chapter 1 Part 4 updated

  1. no. no. Most likely those that have the skills? ability? to do so just haven’t noticed the message, post about it..

    I’ll try it this Sunday if there’s still no one ~_~


    • …that sure is a sort of luck because for a year I have written my e-mail a lot of times…yeah you sure have a luck, in a different sense.

      anyhow, my e-mail ID is: nickdoyle(at)gmail(dot)com


  2. Dayum, thanks a bunch for reviving this! I actually just finished the whole vol 1 today, and dayum, I cringed at times at the chunni levels, but at the same time I laughed my ass off at how pretty much straightforward the leading ladies are. The author’s a rebel…


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