Need Editor for OreDorei

So you know what I wanted to write just by title……so if anyone up for it, just send me an e-mail, to which I will reply by tomorrow. Cuz I’m suuuper tired, oh and I have updated the OreDorei Page (not in whole though). Just changed that Part stuff into a single chapter page.

I have updated the part 3 over there. Just re-read it from before. The part changes for every ‟❖❖❖”, mind you.

Oh, and thanks to the people who gave donations to me, so that I could again use my internet. And I’m going to start up a support box (neither bonus or sponsored chapter box), a totally donation box. If you want to support please do it. There will chances that I will release more parts in a single day.

For the test, just edit the first 3 parts of OreDorei first chapter and send me the e-mail. I will screen through them and select the oneS (yeah one editor would be insufficient for big chapters) who seem to have caliber.


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