Need help!

Guys recently, I’ve been doing a lot of work over internet, and have to surf various pages. Then post chapters, open assignments and whatnot.

So, today, no, to be precise 1 minute before I started writing this post, my e-mail got email saying: 50 Mb remaining!

That is something which wouldn’t even let me pass by tomorrow. So there, I need some help from readers, because I’ve used up all your donations from before, in filling out bills and bills and transportation fees, along with uni fees.

I need to make up a total of $115. Many people can give small amounts to make up to that limit.

*Note: Any single individual can give me the whole amount. That person would get a chapter of whatever novel he reads, before the other readers get it. *exception would be Oredorei and KnW.
Sheesh, I haven’t been working on it, but……meh.

On a side note, I’ve finished the Terminology List for OreDorei, small info about status updates would now be posted on Twitter, unless they are going to be big.


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