Last info Forever…no I’m not stopping Tl’s!

Sorry to say, but if my remaining data is 10 Mb. So jut need to tell you that if you get the chapter in some hours, it just means that I had some data. If you don’t then just understand that I got done with my remaining data.
The donations I had asked yesterday BAR: $37/$115.

Well I also need to speak out that I will have to do at least 4 part time jobs from next month (finally found some good ones), so the chapters times may change for better.

How? Wait and watch.

From now onwards, no more The previous that had those will remain the same, but I will update the TOC with normal links, as soon as I get my new monthly cycle data update. *ugh bills*

And also, one more new info, from now onwards no more info posts like this. I won’t make them anymore. Unless I have got something seriously dangerous going on……but that is a talk for some other time. (did I contradict myself………….nah)

With this, see you either when I post chapters, or when I get my new data cycle and pay the bills!

Even so, the chapters of Oredorei will be TL’ed the next week, or right, from tomorrow, and will be posted when I get data.

Same with others.

Finally, Crossing The Life of Hell chapters till Epilogue of Volume 1 have been completed. But maybe, will be posted, probably. You see same prob as above.


4 thoughts on “Last info Forever…no I’m not stopping Tl’s!

  1. Well, I’m also broke too. but fortunately I’m living in a place where $5 can support my food for 3days. Balanced diet too. Must be hard living in Japan, one of the place with highest cost of living.

    Stay healthy man, don’t overwork.


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