Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 48~50. Part 1

This is a cut out piece from the Chapter 48. I’m using the 3-chapter chapters from syosetsu, because they have cut out lots of useless talk, and because the story remains same at least till 6th volume.

I didn’t TL much today, maybe because I got bored and went reading a classic literature book called: Ningen Shikkaku (lit TL: Failure as a human being). Don’t read it unless you can handle NTR, MC being a shithead, and you don’t understand what the story is about after reading the title. For more info about the novel, better watch an anime called: Aoi Bungaku. First 3-4 episodes are about this novel. Personally, this is my 4th time reading it. I just like MC being shitted upon the whole story.

Finally, I will use some of my nighttime to complete all the three chapters and will give it to you all by the morning. Have Fun~

Anyhow, without further wait:

Chapter 48 ~ 50 – Unknown and the Trump Card of Darkness Part 1

Raiding abruptly appeared, to what Minato called as『Plant Monster』.

Its name was『Tropical Tyrant』, its strength was of AA Rank, the people who knew that it was the outstanding plant-type demon were not present in the current place.

That demon, after eating all the demons that had lost sanity due to drug, tried to attack the adventurers who were at the war frontlines.

It was inevitable, but against an opponent with true strength of AA Rank……Adventurers of D and C Rank were nothing more than garbage.

The people fighting were, including the covering work were……just Sherry and Zari.

Sherry was attacking by shooting arrows of fire, and while not letting the root and ivy come near, she would search for opportunities, and slash at its body with a fire-clad sword.

The attacks let out by the large body each had widely strong attack range, but for her it wasn’t something she couldn’t evade.

However, for defeating, for piercing through that large body, neither the weapons, arrows and nor the firepower of fire were enough.

Hence, an impression of offensive and defensive was made, for stopping its advance.

And behind her was Zari, who was supporting her with his Sand Magic, and Elk, who was helping in the evacuation of injured people. And also the support by some adventurers who were still fine enough to fight.

And even more,

「……! It came from right, huh……birdie, please do!」

Receiving such a voice,
Alva, who had been firing off appropriate magic attacks while flying in sky, flew off in the direction Sherry gave the command for.

And before its eyes, light of red magical energy started converging……and the next moment, it was fired off as a strong destructive beam that had enough power to easily crumble a stone precipice.

It striked roots coming from the right, that Sherry saw, and hitting directly it exploded, scattered, got grilled and become powerless.

「……Seriously, that birdie is truly awesome. Is it because it is the pet of Minato-kun?」
「Half is because of that. But the other half is because, Minato had taught it his own original magic sometimes just for fun. That beam is one of those seriously strong original magics」

In the break times of morning practices, Elk had seen Minato teaching Alva magic that he had thought in past but wasn’t able to use them. Alva could understand the human speech, so it amused itself by copying the magic it watched.

Alva gained mastery in all of them, as a result, his battle strength increased drastically.
Before anyone knew it, there was the birth of a Demon Bird which could various magic no one had seen ever before.

That magical energy convergence bombardment was also one of them. It was Minato’s original magic that created a destructive light beam with explosive power just by coverging the magical energy particles, and the interaction or whatever between them created it like that.

Its offensive power, in this place, came second to Sherry-san’s arrows. Making those as weapons, while maintaining the distance from『Tropical Tyrant』, Alva was fighting at the battlefront.

Then, maybe it got bored by the storm of attacks coming from all the direction –althought it wasn’t known if plants had that sort of emotions- this time, innumerous roots and ivy, a number which couldn’t be extended with just finger, sprout out from the whole body of Tropical Tyrant and attacked.

Seeing this even the face of Sherry and others stiffened. However, they couldn’t retreat……and neither did they think about that.
Including the backup unit, they tried to use all the firepower at disposal and intercept that attack……at that moment,

Alva came flying to Sherry’s side, and again in front of its eyes the red magical energy started converging, hence the charging of energy started.



……6 at the same time.


Even Elk had never seen that, unexpected scene, seeing that Sherry and other’s bodies stiffened.

The next moment, converged light changed into 6 destructive beams, and with power not any less than before, all were fired off……It blasted away most of the roots and ivy that were coming at them.

Sherry and others returned to themselves from the explosion sounds and shock waves. They intercepted the rest of the roots and ivy that got past the explosion, and cut down each and every of it.

At the time they finished, Sherry, who still was shocked, asked out.

「H-hey what!? Elk-chan!? That birdie could even do that much!? 6 at the same time……I’ve never heard anything like that!?」
「I also didn’t know! It only shot out one at a time……I never knew that it could be this amazing if it went serious……I knew it was a demon with high magical energy, but this is just……」
「Is that so? No, but that is……Hm?『6』?」

At that moment, Sherry was hooked up in the『6』numbers of attack that Alva just fired off.

Thinking for a bit, she raised up her head seeming to got an idea,

「Hey, Elk-chan……is that birdie,『Nevalides』?」
「! You know about it?」
「Are you serious!? S-So t-that’s how it was……he surely has got something tremendous as his pet……」

Sherry was surprised, having her guess hit the right mark, and sent a fleeting glance at Alva flying right beside her.

「Well, in my homeplace, there are various legends there. Among that it comes out……the Nevalides I mean, apparently they have 6 brains」
「Come again!?」
「Don’t cow have 4 stomachs, and bugs have『compund eyes』, right? It’s something like that. It is said that there are 6 brains of Nevalides, with each single brain having high intelligence matching to that of humans. And they are able to use them properly. While one brain is awake, the other brains sleep in a rotation, hence they need no sleep. And if using each of them when using magic, they are able to let out magic with power far surpassing normal power. It’s natural, after all the concentration and thinking circuits just got six-fold」
「……Now I don’t even know how to be shocked」

For the time being, Elk and others understood the reason why he was able to shoot 6 destructive beams without any decrease in the power.
Along with the fact that there 6 brains rotating at full speed inside that bird’s head.

However not thinking any deeper, they just considered Alva as a reliable ally, and again faced the enemy.

Then, abruptly,

「……If I had to say reliable, the owner of this birdie is also the same」
「Yeah……that’s indeed, correct」
「Don’t talk currently. Concentrate, come on concentrate」

Sherry and Zari were scolded with words as if being slapped.

However, even Elk, who scolded them, had looked along with others in the oblique direction, however……in the next second their eyes returned back to the front.

The fight occuring there was reflected in all their eyes, for just a second.d

The fight against Tropical Tyrant, an AA Rank demon, was indeed tough, even though they had powerhouses like Sherry and Zari, along with Alva, whose race was outside the norm.

If this were a normal situation, they seriously needed the power of Alva’s owner, who just happened to be the most strongest powerhouse present here.

However, no one said that, without speaking out any complaints, they all were fighting by themselves.

Of course that was because……they knew that he was also fighting with another another enemy, a lizard, which obviously seemed like an extradorinarily strong opponent.

And also because, only he was the one who could take on that as an opponent.

Currrently, just for one second, it was reflected in their eyes……






They attacks were exchanged at a speed that couldn’t be discerned by eyes, it was a fight on level that only Sherry could know what was happening there.

The people concerend, no one interefered. They couldn’t.

Because they knew that they couldn’t do a thing, and there was meaning in speaking anything.

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  1. so alva is using convergence to create one big lightlaser and i thought when he created 6 of them he used divergenced on the lightlaser to split it in 6 parts but who had thought it had 6 brains. The only question is if they can calculate faster with 6 brains after all there are cases where serial(1brain) is faster then parallel(6brains). There could also be problem that these 6 brains are in disagreement with each other^^. So i am sure there will be future plot for these brains^^


  2. any chance we could see a glossary section depicting the characters name and their relationship to the main protagonist as the story develops? sometimes i come back here and i get lost who’s who aside from the main characters.


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