Kuro no Maou Chapter 267

Here is the another chapter. Looks like a little temporary slump for me, so don’t criticize the English. Will get this chapter Edited.

Here you go with ONLY INDIRECT LINK ==> Chapter 267

The DIRECT LINKS have been e-mailed to Donators.
For the people who Pledged to me on Patreon, just go to Patreon Page and check my patreon-only posts. There you will find the link!

Have Fun~~
For those saying, better use others ways than adf.ly.

Let me get this also out: I don’t have enough money to sustain a WP.org website, server and still live easily. With this much I’m already on dire straits.
You see, wordAds doesn’t give enough like say $1 per 4 days. While adf.ly will.

If you don’t want any of that, better do the donations for the particular chapter or pledge on Patreon.


20 thoughts on “Kuro no Maou Chapter 267

  1. So I went in the indirect link and saw the ads and thought “okay this is just going to be waiting or dance dance press x on the pop ups” but Iv spent an actual 10 minutes just trying to get past the ads and get on the page and read the story and I still haven’t gotten to read the new chapter and gotten to access the story. Is the indirect link a joke and your telling us to go to patreon? Because I don’t mind playing pop up DDR in order to get to the page because I’m really enjoying this story.


    • Oh, well, I’ve got no idea as to why some pop-up game opened up. Seriously got no idea.

      But well, I’m happy that you like the story.
      Again sorry for that pop-up game…..if you haven’t opened the page still, just gimme your e-mail


      • Well I just waited a few days for the ads to cycle.Iv read it already(YESSSS). I felt guilty if I were to get the sponsors link so I just waited for that kind of ad to go away. So if anyone else has that ad issue just wait for the site to cycle through it and pretend it just took a few more days till the new chapter was released.


  2. Except for sometimes having 18+ ads so far I’ve got no problems and thank you for putting ad.fly now I can support you since I can’t donate or be a patreon


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