Kuro no Maou Chapter 266 + Info

First PLEASE read the info then move on the chapter. Why? Because I don’t want to hear bickering of some arrogant sidekicks later in my e-mail.

First of all, the regular chapter will be having an INDIRECT Link and DIRECT Link. However the same won’t go with Sponsored Chapter. If you want to read the Sponsored Chapter ad-free, then it would only for the people who donated me for that particular chapter. Oh the URL’s for the sponsored chapter will change, so don’t think you could easily just reach the page with changing the URL in address bar. *tehee*

However for the patrons who have pledged to me would get all sponsored chapter’s DIRECT Link. Basically, Patreon is a good way to get rid of having to click the adf.ly advertisements.

Second of all, by tomorrow I will the chapters of MnD and KnM. (1 Knm sponsored. and 2 Mnd, 1 sponsored 1 regular). After that I will take a day leave for re-reading Oredorei!
I need to do that for creating a list of terminologies, so that I don’t change them in future, as I do with the WN’s, and many people know about that.
So after that, no, to be precise, after making the terminology list, I will keep on TL’ing as normal for this week.

But the next week will all go to OreDorei. I will probably dish out 4-5 (1 volume), PROBABLY, in a week. Don’t believe it, it can either be 2-3 chapters too. After all 4-5 chapters, with each chapter being big, is cumulatively also……big!

Now without any WAIT: 1st KnM regular Chapter of the week

INDIRECT LINK ===> Chapter 266

DIRECT LINK ===> Chapter 266


7 thoughts on “Kuro no Maou Chapter 266 + Info

  1. thank you for your hard work!!! love the chapters. Still, its not that I dislike visiting ads and the such for helping to support your site, it is just that the add site you have teamed up with seems shady and despicable. good luck with the future.


  2. The issue I have is the lack of trust I have with you about getting the chapters in a reasonable amount of time there have been several examples of you blowing off translations because of getting distracted even with donations before so how will this be any different? Even times where you said that you will translate several chapters of both KNM and MnD you only translated about 3 or 4 before going silent for the rest of that event. I understand that you need to make a living and are translating as a hobby, but as soon as money is involved you are held more responsible for your word.


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