:O Looks like many people are having problems

I’m hurt because many people said abuses to me over in E-mails, of course, I didn’t let them off though……what do they take a computer programmer for?

Anyhow, what I want to say is that I will be adding the direct link over in the previous post. And will now keep it both direct and indirect links.
For other things, like pop up ads that redirected you to some other place are now gone. *phew* had to search up and “down” to get the way on how to stop it.
Adblock users will be…..blocked unless they pause their adblock. If you don’t want to support me that way,

have fun clicking the direct link, but do support in some other way, let’s say Donation Boxes, Support Button, Support via Patreon (added it half an hour ago). Use the way you want to.

And finally, next time, no abuses, or this time I just abused you people back (not telling names for saving their faces……temporarily), but next time it won’t end with just that much. I quite like seeing others writhing in agony, not just virtually, but physically too. After all, I’m a true sadist, in reality.


24 thoughts on “:O Looks like many people are having problems

  1. Not sure what those people are complaining about but if they don’t like you then that is their problem. No one is forcing them to read on your site anyways….

    Thank you for the interesting info on your declaration of being a sadist lol.

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  2. Lol people actually got triggered at that haha I have seen worse I mean it ad.fly not some place that will show you porn ads I mean people could be behind you when you are trying to read and then it just sends to that porn ad that would be worse and when you’re in the internet you get used to see ads (actually I was thankful that you put ad.fly since I don’t donate and could actual help you now in a financial way so I didn’t feel like that much of a leecher)

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  3. Hi NickDoyle!

    I just reeeaallly hate ads, I know, they are what keeps up your website, but could you set up some membership system for donators, patreons etc., so they can have an ad-free experience?

    As I would gladly donate if this keeps the ads away 😀


  4. Advertisement like adfly is like a double edge sword, in first edge it ll increase your revenue but in other edge it ll make your visitors frustated and ofc this ll decrease your web popularity

    Like i said before i dont really mind with advertisement but pls use the safer one like google adsense although it pay less but it safer than adfly. i dont mind about clicking its advertisment 5x before i read the chapter and i prefer that than clicking some abused adfly advertisement.

    Hope you will find the best solution


  5. Haaaa wow did they even think about the fact they can’t read Japanese? Since they are reading at your sites and translations and all. What could they even complain about the fact you are giving us this translations for free, unless the people who have money donated out of their own free will.


  6. ok so I didn’t read this, mainly cause im tired but from what im guessing, this is where we make our complaints?

    So my first complaint is… I am out of cream cheese! I have 6 bagels and no cream cheese and I demand cream cheese for them!
    next complaint, someone said something to me online about my cat! it was rude and mean and im sure if I had a cat then he/she would be upset too!
    and finally, What is the deal with airline food?

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  7. I like you man and all the chapters you have translated! So forget about them and kepp on being a sadist type of person….. I guess? O.o’
    Any how thanks man for all the chapters tou have done ( big fan of MnD)


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