News for MnD readers!…Good

I woke up a while ago, and literally five minutes ago tried to access the archive website, and maybe good luck fell upon or what, I was able to open it. It was because of a hope that one commentor gave me saying it was not a problem at my end, that I even tried to open this webpage.
But because I had already TL’ed The Chapter 45-47 (3 chapters, big because of fights), that I didn’t want to do anything else from normal ones.

Hence, I will post the three chapters at 5 hour intervals, of course you will get a Chapter for 3 hours then it would be deleted. The same with next chapter and the following chapter, but in the last time I would add up all three of the chapters and post the page.

So either take on the limited edition, or take on the public edition is up to you.
And I’m sorry for KnM readers, who didn’t get their sponsored chapter, but don’t worry today will would get it.

And finally, I have thought of adding the links in my WP, as it would also help me rake in money, so please do click on it.
I won’t be adding the direct page links, but just the page links, mind you.


11 thoughts on “News for MnD readers!…Good

    • i agree with that, more than a few times i have gotten warnings from chrome for “suspicious content”. anything similar to adfly is fine, just adfly it self seems to get weird worrisome messages on a regular basis.


      • sorry for late reply, but better use VPN’s when clicking ads from wherever. otherwise, better think 1/100000 chance that you WILL get a virus at your back, err, in your computer.


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