Looks like God hates me today!

I made the dinner quite some time ago, and even increased my speed to finish the assignment, but when I got ready to leave to Akiba, for meeting Wajima Ami, the op singer of Mayoiga anime, I found I was late by 5 minutes. And what I met was horde of people going away.

Dayyum, I hate assignment and dinner today, I’m writing this post from my mobile, while standing in a line for buying 3 new games. Two eroge, and one rpg. Judging from the looks the sales would start in half an hour or so, luckily I’m in the front part of line.

Oh don’t worry readers, my home is at 15-17 minutes distance from Akiba……even then I got late. Arrrrghhhhh, looks like god hates me.
So you don’t have to worry that I won’t post the chapters.

I’m writing this post just to tell you people in advance if I got late in posting chapter. From next time, it would be only on Twitter and no posts for this.

This takes time. *sigh* now gonna wait till late night for new EP of Re:zero to heal my broken heart!

Shit, I needed a pic and signature!!


32 thoughts on “Looks like God hates me today!

  1. at least you are lucky to be there ;-; + if the god didnt love you, you wouldnt be in japan + have so many worshipers (aka readers) lawl

    think about us who arent lucky enough to do the same thing you are doing………

    well, have a nice/fun day + looking forward for tonight gehehehehehe……


    • Geez, I’m currently on my way back to home. It’s already morning here, I was in Akiba for a whole night . Dayyum, but I got my stuff!
      It will take another 10 minutes to reach my home. Please take heed.


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