I’ve been waiting for this!

Read below for the main purpose of post. Ofc, I have written it in a roundabout way as always.

Well I made an Twitter account, new one just for this, and had been just playing around with it.
Finally today, I thought out to actually start tweeting there and keep you people updated about entertainment stuff in Japan, well obviously I won’t always keep you updated…because I’m a sadist? yeah that’s probably the reason.

Anyhow, what I had been waiting for was, THE MANGA FOR MnD!!!!! For the link go over to my twitter account.

Yeah isn’t that great! Now, nearly 2 months ago, I gave out a common request (a request given to all artists/authors) on AlphaPolis website, along with my friends, for getting a manga of MnD.
Now today, just little after 12:05, I got an e-mail, and probably others too who have subscribed to Alpha Polis website, about the launch of Manga.

Ah, just too great. Well, now the manga is in JP, so if you can read, go ahead, and the chapter release is 3 per month on Fridays. However the next update is on 20th. (5 days from now). Moreover it is a public web manga.
So, if like the rippers, you have the way to get out the manga from online website viewer, then please do TL it for others to read. That way, you wouldn’t have to buy the volume and TL it way later. ofc, you can buy volume later to support the artist and author.

But still, even if you don’t understand a shit, at least open the page and see the faces of your favourite MC and his mom and her pets. Oh, btw as this manga is based on LN, so there will be changes from WN. Now the biggest change is what you will see in Manga Chapter 1 (LN ┬áChapter 1) and WN Chapter 3?4? yeah any one of that.


6 thoughts on “I’ve been waiting for this!

    • I am already somehow trying to TL 3 series, now you want me to add one more?

      You see if I want to, then after get to the latest chapters, I will start a recommending post just for LN’s. Then you might give me some LN.


  1. NickDoyle, i am your supporter, admiring your hardwork and determination…perhaps to gain more popularity and more followers, adding 1 extra TL series which have high demand will increase your popularity in the community and of course more $$ to support your hardwork…


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