Thank you

I thank all the commentors who commented on ways to deal with procrastination. And I thank those who added the TED Talk video. That was pretty amusing, especially the panic monster.

Now, some people said take a breather, roam with friends, do whatever you wanted to do, make your brain win over heart. (basically rational decision maker wins over the orangutan)

Umm, so today was Sunday, I had fun doing stuff that means a lot to me. I tried my hard to create a Schedule for living, but that is, at present, quite difficult to make, at least for me it sure is. Finally, a news I need break out to everyone.

I’m going to start re-posting on MoonBunny Cafe. So if you want to read chapters with Next Chapter|Previous Chapter buttons, then go there. Moreover I will also get ad revenue from there.

Lastly, recently Alyschu (one TL’er of ATG TL’ing Group) gave out raws of manga for scanlating them. Now, I’m taking on one of the manga, it has just 10 chapters, basically a Volume 1 out yet. So yeah I will TL that one as a breather from TL’ing novels.

Do read it, I will post on MBC, and link that pages here too.
As for those wondering why just 10 chapters. Let me tell you, it is not monthly releases or stuff. It is a volume stuff. Getting monthly releases is as difficult as breaking your favourite phone you just bought, all for durability test. Ofc that is only for people not in Japan.
I, however, myself don’t want to scan the pages and dish the chapters out. Because, it’s too time and money taking.

Wait for one chapter of MnD Today. You will get it. Surely. No promises, just true deals!


10 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Deym, was kinda late in reading the previous post. Nice to know that you’ve discovered something to counteract what you’re experiencing.

    I hope the seas be calm and your journey be fruitful…

    with that regard, maybe I ought to go back to me Linear Algebra…
    (sometimes, even if Procrastination is always looming behind my back, Fear [of failing (in life and in acads] usually is a good jump starter….and when I think of all the great people out there, and how little I’m doing to actually do something in life….)


  2. Well glad to know they helped you honestly I was also trying to help you also but I’ve been on the same situation as you for 2 years and still need help with that tight now I can do it but later on I won’t be able to do this kind of lifestyle so I also read all the comments so thank you Nick because of that post I got a lot of useful advice and know I need to see that TED video because Ididnt get to see it and hopefully both you and me can get rid of this problem


  3. “You will get it. Surely. No promises, just true deals!”
    This here is the epitome of procrastination lol (at least that’s what I think)

    I think you need to set a goal for yourself and start achieving it. With no goal in mind, you’ll be lazy. Start small then aim big!
    Tbh, I’m still a heavy procrastinator but not to the point where I don’t get in touch with my friends and hang out. I’m also in university too and I still procrastinate like a lot.


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