A serious problem which Experienced Readers can help me with!

See my problem below,

Recently, my procrastinating tendency has been increasing, for some reason. At first it was just the Translation, but now-a-days it has even got to the extent of hindering with my real life.

That is main serious problem, that recently I’ve not been doing anything at time let it be on the internet or anywhere else in real life.
Hence, I want to ask those readers who had overcome this bad thing to tell me how to get rid of this bad thing.

I don’t want this tendency to increasing anymore. I’ve thought of going to psychological doc, but you see I don’t think it will help much. Therefore, I want to ask those who have actually experience this stuff and defeated it. Personal Experience wins over Theoretical Experience.

This way I will even be back on Chapters per day route. Oh btw, I really liked my first-day at Uni yesterday. It was quite fun, and there are idiotic clubs and circles too present here. (you won’t find ’em in high-schools, or other uni’s outside of Japan)


43 thoughts on “A serious problem which Experienced Readers can help me with!

  1. here is the thing, i have been there, 4 years ago i injured my shoulder, at the time i was training in the gym for quite a whileso it hit pretty hard, inaction has an effect on you that is bigger than you might think, slowly it crawls up to you and every other aspect, in my case i ended falling in to depretion gaining 15 kilos (i think 30 punds) left school, and stopped seeing my friends, its a VERY slow proces so you dont actualy notice that this is happening until its too late, but its not irreversable, if you seek medical help its a good start, but i recomend a phsichiatrist instead of a psicologist (sorry i dont know how to write that), since depretion is more of their area of expertice (my psicologist recomended me go to a phsicaiatrist for example) but in the end its is just like jumpstartin g your car battery, once you turn the engine of again you wont be able to start it next time, my advise is this, and this is what did it for me, find a good friend and together with him commit to something, a project or an activity doesnt matter what, something that requires consistency, the reason for this is that in the first place you have someone to push you when you need it, and second and most important, failing doesnt mean you fail yourself but you are letting down a good friend that is there for you, so that option is GONE, you cant quit and you cant procastrinate, because you are letting someone else down, this will jumpstart your own battery and slowly help in every other aspect of your life.
    well at least it worked for me, hope it helps


  2. The hard part is to begin, honestly you have to overcome that yourself because I know what it’s like after a streak of filthy procrastinating. No, amping yourself up with cleaning the room, preparing a condusive environment by lighting scented candle or playing classical music doesn’t do shit, it just prolong your aversion to start doing things. You just have to force yourself to open up Word (or something) to start typing, and it is hard, you’ll feel like vomitting once or twice. But once you start, the previous ordeal will be unsignificant in an instant.

    Translate until you burned out, regardless of how many you have stacked already for release. Then do other work (schoolwork?) until you burned out, do beyond what is required of you for your submission.

    That way you’ll accumulate works more than you need, and you’ll have some leeway when it comes the time to submit stuff. Doing only what you are required in scheduled manner is the fastest way to make you hate things you like. It’ll feel like a chore instead, and everyone hates chores. Timetable is bullshit. Go all or nothing. Go beyond. Plus ultra.

    But don’t submit stuff/post translated chapters you need in bulk, extra chapters for my beloved reader or some shit. Stick to release schedule otherwise the plebs will expect more from you.


  3. I recommend you read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Cosby, Not all the book obviously, just the first chapter that goes about proactivity. Its a very insightful that helped overcome my laziness. For example, I just made an account on worldpress to post this comment.


  4. you noticed it yourself, and soon enough. that’s a good step. now you do realize that procrastinating had begun to creep even to your daily life, and another better step : you didn’t procrastinate to seek help.
    i was a heavy procrastinator (and still am, maybe) but i recommend a simple way to overcome the urge to procrastinate. just be abrupt.

    (a) when you have to do something, don’t take another second. just do it.
    (b) when you feel like procrastinating in the middle of something, just think “i can have more free time without worry if i finish this, so let’s finish it!”
    (c) when you’re in the process of procrastinating and something takes a higher priority, refer to point (a)
    (d) you can try to repress your procrastinating urges by forcefully stop your procrastinating activities by doing something small but useful or productive. example: light workout or research for your studies.

    hope it helps, and good luck~


  5. I procrastinate pretty hard, but I tend to set a timetable to get everything done while doing them.
    I tend to do work in between champion select screens in LoL
    But for you, a better solution is to void yourself of free time, doing this prevents your brain from lazing away due to the busy schedule


    • I agree. I went through trouble times as well. When I was 16, I was in car wreck which damage by brain. I had to relearn everything had to rebuild by strength. I went to doctors for years giving me pills to help with my concentration. Until I had to go to a mental hospital to meet a doctor who gave he the right medication. After that I went to college to get my Bachelors.

      When I got back to my mom’s house I had to move out. Was put into a lousy apartment for people with disables. I went searching for a job which took me years to find since where I live the economy is not doing good.

      Around the time I did have a job I volunteer at places to learn from working experience. Discover the benefits of using products such as protein shakes, B6 vitamins, B12 vitamins, recovery formulas, etc. Which eventually lower my food bill. Then started to take surveys online which gave me extra money. Then finally found some part time work. Now I plan, volunteer at the local hospital and find a career counselor to help find a way to continue my education.

      I would not be able to get through this if I did not have my friends and family who were their to help and give advice. But most these stuff I found out on my own. So talk to friends and family about this and take some time off, until you can figure things. We are here to support you.


  6. Since you know you’re problem then that solves half the problem…
    A good way to stop procrastinating is when there is something on the line. For me it is to believe that the only way I can be around people I admire is to imitate the good qualities I see within them. If I cannot then I will hate myself. For the reasoning is quite simple do unto others as you would like done to you. I know it isn’t a very logical way of getting someone to like you for each person is different for another man’s trash is another man’s treasure and likewise the opposite is true too. But I do what I can. For if I imitate the qualities I admire in others then it goes without saying I like myself too 🙂

    You really don’t need to see a psychiatrist or physician. All you need to know is where you are at and where you want to be and follow the simple path to it innate within most humans. All it requires is discipline. And the number one motivator is to get into a better position in life where you can be happy. I know it sounds cheesy but the reason it got so famous is because people like it. Its just that not many actually have the will to make it a reality.

    Enjoy life my friend 🙂


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