So Yeah, the Original Appears!

It took time to fix my schedule and then write this first part of prologue.
The new novel by me, which happens to be an Original Web Novel, is called “Crossing The Life Of Hell”.

It has been quite some years since I’ve written a novel in WN format, and so it took time. WN format basically means, short chapters, more shittalking, write vaguely, try to keep some plotholes that would be later one filled up. So yeah basically, I had to do all that stuff which is not done in LN at the starting chapters!

I had been thinking of making haste on everything like TL, getting used to writing Fantasy Genre, making a new schedule for myself, etc etc.

Now there is catch in this novel, that I told before to readers. YOU PEOPLE, at least most, WILL HATE IT!!!!
The catch is some chapters which have something to do with the plot, like seriously, they would be in non-English Language. The same with chapters that will have too much comedy. *WARNING: TOO MUCH COMEDY IS JUST TILL PROLOGUE ENDS, after that it’s Life of Hell, basically Tragedy!*. This was the first time, so I wrote in Japanese. The next time it might be in some other language…or maybe not. I know many will hate me for this, but you see I want to see you people suffer by reading and not knowing the plot.

I’ve yet to write a synopsis of it. But for now take interest in this first chapters which is basically a chapter that tells you nothing, the start is pure vague, but might make you laugh in the end. If you want this in English, get it TL’ed by yourselves or others, use MTL or whatever. At least this way, you leechers might start to learn Japanese. Though it might take time this way, but it is better than nothing. Right. See I’m so considerate of you leechers. (inner thoughts: Mwahahahahaha I’M A SADIST Mwahahahahaha) So yeah, good luck and work hard at learning.

Without any further late, let’s read this near 2000 characters chapter!!! Prologue (1)


16 thoughts on “So Yeah, the Original Appears!

  1. A leeching cheesecake passing by..

    A leeching cheesecake opened the link…

    A leeching cheesecake saw that it really was japanese language…

    *I hate you entruce buhuhuhu whyy!!!! Why!!! Hope this is just a late april fools joke or.. your date is still on april 1*

    Yep.. cheesecake is just a leech and a lazybum at that… so yep… not reading.. too bad can’t read it…

    Commented for the sake of annoying the reader/entruce and for the holy trophy of being first, thank you muahahahahahahaha!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. the first 3 lines took up 10 minutes… UGHHHHHHH!!! The moonrunes are being engraved in my mind!!!
    Well… Here’s a sneak peek of my noobish decryption:

    Blood…Large amounts of blood dye the ground crimson.

    Before my eyes a scene I call cruel unfolds.

    However strangely, even if I recognize that scene is cruel I don’t feel bad about it. How mysterious…

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  3. By the power vested upon me, the first commentor cheesecake. You are now crowned the official Web Novel translator of Crossing The Life Of Hell. We leeches shall bless you and thank you in advance as thy Greater (Sadist?) God NickDoyle hath unleashed upon his wrath unto us lazy leeches.
    Go forth hero and save our world (brains) and defeat the evil forces that the Greater God hath summoned. (untranslated novel of the Greater God)

    Muahahahahaha!! We have now summoned a hero Greater God!!! Muahahahaha!!!!

    *thanks if you translate more chaps huehue*
    *came back to annoy the readers/entruce/nickdoyle more xD*


  4. AGHHHHH!!! The difficulty suddenly spiked after the 3rd line but the translation is currently a 33.333333333333% complete


      • Yes sir I’ll post it in an hour. Still busy coloring my profile pic


      • What skills does the tlc need? I might be able to kidnap- I mean convince an RL acquaintance to help me.


          • I have posted a recruitment notice but I think there’s nobody willing to do in my site because of there’s only people like Cheesecake and silent Cheesecakes. But I’ll release the chapter tomorrow and pray that they will bite the bait.


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