Let’s see….hmm not a good title, right?

I’m nearly healed, but for not taking risks I’m going to sleep tonight/or maybe try to get my mind relaxed by watching anime and not TL. You see, better be safe than squeeze out the innate talent, oh what the hell am I even saying.

I’ve been in quite good health past some hours, and had to like go on a binge reading of soooooooooooooooo many novels and chaptersssssssssssssss.
I thank everyone who gave me their concerns, and I pity others who have stupid friends, who can ignite loads of cigarettes in a closed room. (well I did that too!). Oh, btw I don’t smoke.
I’ve also read some people saying I have legendary problems TL’ing MnD. Well that goes to my life and not exactly to me.
Moreover you readers don’t do chapters posts any justice. Like mates, I post chapters and AT MOST what I get is 30 comments, or rarely 35 comments. But when I posted “I’m sick” post which is obviously not a chapter I get more than 50 comments!!!!! This is injustice, this is immoral, I never need more than three bullies!!!!!
Getting out of my rant.

I will be posting just 2 chapters tomorrow and day after that. I will have to change my schedule a bit, since day after tomorrow’s tomorrow is my Uni’s first day…at least for first-year students. As I said long time ago, that my current schedule (which I obviously didn’t follow) would not be there for long, and now finally it is going to be eradicated.
People who read the latest chapters as soon as they come will soon come to know the real schedule. I’m also going to delete the Schedule Page.

While I was sick, a friend of mine sent me an Anime Link. I think I have decided that I will watch the anime tonight. Before I get to it, I need reviews if it is any good. The anime name is Cupid’s Chocolate. It happens to be a Chinese Anime. And also does anyone know if it is TL’ed, I mean it is sometimes irritating to read and hear the Chinese words three times to make out whatever they say in superfast speed.

Finally, I’m going to add here an Original Novel, although I don’t know when. It is not going to be Battle of Death, but it will be a novel that will make me get used to writing a genre I have never written. Basically a novel with Fantasy are sorts I have never written, however I read most of them. The novel title, synopsis and all stuff is currently under thinking, moreover there is a catch in chapters which I believe many readers will hate!!! Hahahahahahahaha

See you soon…later?…some hours later….whatever 😛


26 thoughts on “Let’s see….hmm not a good title, right?

  1. Glad to know you’re okay and hey at least you have 30 and not 5-10 comment per chapter , how often will you get the chapter of the original novel and how many words will it have per chapter also in the end was it only a cold or what was it because I believe a cold wouldn’t cause you that much sickness also and are you still going to do the number of chapters you promised for rampage week or expect that people will forget about it since you were sick( which I did but remembered about it, sorry if I sound like an asshole still asking for this but I don’t want to be an asshole so it’s okay if you don’t after all you were that sick) Have fun with watching your anime and resting


  2. What is the synopsis of the original novel ( if you’re going to do one) and the title and also would it have a harem? ( Please no, Harem is just really hard to see a well done Harem or one that doesn’t feel forced I’d recommend you to not do so )


    • Still thinking mate all those things. Probably it will be harem, but just so you know if it will be then the romance won’t be some cliche shit. I don’t like writing characters with no depth unless they are just there for plot progression.


  3. I think that there are English subs for Cupid’s Chocolate… Scratch that, there are. I cannot vouch for their quality, as they are not tagged as “trusted” on nyaatorrents, but the whole of season 1 has been translated into English. I don’t know if that works for you, though.

    Just search at nyaa for the title and pick the batch at the top of the list.


  4. Cupid’s chocolate is a very good anime but it is unfinished and may stay that way. BE FORWORNED… But I enjoy it. If u have an android the animania app has it and more + one can download it.


  5. No no no, this is too immoral, too immoral… >_> I need to start converting you people, so let me count, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2…. WAIT, There’s not enough 3 people!! How dare you want to trick me…
    lol… your post remind me of something i missed to read, i wonder how many chapter were there already. 🙂


  6. play some video games or do something fun and interesting that requires quite a bit of focus. Kills the feeling of being sick when I was a child except for ones that REALLY needs me to go to the hospital or pass out… Point is that so long as I am not sick to the extent that my actions are fixed then usually doing something interesting would blow the fatigue, dizziness, urge to vomit, and pain away.


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