I’m sick

I’m sick…not a metaphor, but seriously sick, I’m ill.

Day before Yesterday I celebrated my imouto’s b’day, however, near end, we all jumped in the pool (my uncle’s house’s backyard has one), some of us -including me- got too heated, that we started playing in it for a long time.

What’s left, we all got sick. No this is not a laughing matter. I mean this disease (cold) is like 3x the normal cold.
I don’t get any motivation to move from my bed, let alone watch anime, or even type this post, TL’ing…mates that is too far right now. That is the main reason I wasn’t able to type this post before.
Moreover, sometimes I cough many times and it hurts all time, sometimes, even blood comes out, this all in turn makes me want to rest more.

I’m currently taking prescribed medications and according to the doc, I will be back in full HP after a week or so, only when I take lots of rest, like sleeping like a log for a week.
If by chance I want to TL, then I will post the chapter that day. Please don’t expect much this week. And according to the stats I saw today (for previous 3 days), I ask people who come on this WP for new chapters to not waste time here at least for a week.

I will start TL’ing when I get a HEAL skill casted on me a lot of times, so that my 50000000/50000000 HP returns from being 10/50000000.

The RW will continue from after I’m back in full health.


58 thoughts on “I’m sick

  1. Considering you seem to have a streak of bad things happening when you are in the process of translating Maken no DayDreamer, maybe you should just stick to Kuro and drop Maken.


  2. lol we must live in the same area. Im totally sick with a super cold too. Ive been sick since the 25th. If I didn’t know better id say id had a flu, but its just cold symptoms, just stronger and lasting a lot longer than any normal cold I have had before.

    (beware people, the cold virus is evolving. Its probably going to end up becoming that scary epidemic that kills 90% of us…ooo~ theres an idea for a movie. Cold virus mutates into a deadly pathogen that kills almost all humans and resurrects them as snot filled zombies!)


  3. fck birthdays, i remember 2 years ago, at my birthday . . .
    My “friends” threw me to a waste pool. I was immediately caught by a fever and a skin disease, couldn’t get up for around 3 days because of the fever and was suffering from a really bad itch for around a month because the skin disease.

    just. don’t. do. anything. stoooopid. at. birthdays.
    you will regret, only after a calamity (yes, a calamity) is smacked to your face.


  4. Hope you’re better now..
    Drinks lots of warm water and Vitamin C,
    It’ll help calming the cough and soothing your throat.


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