RW days increase for reasons!

I have literally not posted enough chapters for 3…err 4 days now :/ .

I hate my life, and my nature as a procrastinator, and also because today is my lil sis’, no, imouto’s birthday! So yeah I quite dote on her (oh I even dote on my otouto, so I’m neither brocon nor siscon!), and will be preparing the gifts, preparing the party, grabbing stuff. Hence no chappy today!
So if I delete 4 days from this week it turns out to be Thursday I literally started started RW! Now the chapter limit will remain the same and I will start up posting chapters till next weeks Thursday.

Isn’t that a good news? I think it is…btw I have 5 chapters of MnD in stock. Sorry to say, but the word count keeps on increasing. If I used to read this novel around the time Author was at chapter 50 or so, I would’ve cursed at him. Like seriously! So if I increase my speed even more then I could just dish out 7 chapters a days of MnD (but I won’t as my health will truly deteriorate). So guess 5 chapters for 3 days, we reach 15 chapters for 3. And for the last day will be KnM releases. Of course tomorrow will be MnD, and sunday will be MIX day.

Anyhow, I will get the chapters released over 50.


9 thoughts on “RW days increase for reasons!

  1. Riddle Time: I dote on them but I’m no brocon not siscon what am I.
    Answer: SibCon- I mean a normal sibling!

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  2. Goodluck nepu!, and greet your imouto a very happy birthday from us.
       ∧ ∧  [~~~]
      (*゜ー゜) [~~~~~]
      ノ つ━━━━
     (/ J

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  3. Well happy birth to your sister and wait you had a little brother I only knew that you had a sister who I don’t know if she is older and younger than you and are you the oldest son or what and good to know that you aren’t a siscon or maybe you’re both a siscon and a brocon since you dote on both
    Haa what am I even saying? Point is happy birthday to your sister and good to know that RW. Will be true and not a lie even though it is extended

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