Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 42 Part 2

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Chapter 42 –  City of Flowers and Mysterious Voice Part 2


The inn prepared by the Association wasn’t a high-class one, but still it was quite a comfortable place. It was wide and good place for relaxing.

Above all, the Flower Dish given in the inn, were all tasty.

So we satiated ourselves by eating it, along with the stuff we had ate while walking.

Incidentally, we weren’t able to eat together with Zari and Sherry-san. Did they eat outside?



Like that after having fun once, the adventurers got into the mood of『Let’s have another party』and left the inn, this time Elk and I didn’t go with them and returned to our room.

「Even so how could you eat that much stuff when you were eating just before entering the inn? This is just too much even with stomach enhancement」

While relaxing in the room, Elk came asking that thing to me.

I have already told to Elk that if I wanted then I could digest no matter how much I eat in an instant –although I haven’t told her about the details of『Elemental Blood』. But apparently it seems like she is quite bothered by it, hence the great reproachful gaze.

Well it can’t be helped after all I alone ordered food that a big group would order for their parties.

Even so it was truly tasty. That Flower Dishes of unknown taste. It could be classified as something like salad, but that taste of a main-dish just entranced me.

Elk ignored my talk saying『Hmmmmm』and currently……she was reading『Necronomicon』I lent her, for killing time.

I also read it for killing time, recently I’ve come to know that this book also have quite simple or basic stuff too –although there are too many pages, so I don’t always remember what page has what content written-, and so currently Elk who is also training in magic has also been reading it.

As a result, coupled with the amount of experience till now, recently Elk has been showing quite striking growth in the Magic Branch.

Using the magical energy efficiently, she used the wind magical energy that she excels at, and enhanced the sharpness of dagger and also her agile movements. Furthermore she is slowly reaching the point of using wind blades rather than throwing knives for long-distance attacks.

This growth pace is quite a thing.

At this pace……the day I entrust her with some out of my numerous powerful Original Magic, is most probably, not that far in future.

Of course, though I say entrust her with them, I will surely choose the type I want to……I’ve got no intention of teaching her magic like『Elemental Blood』or others.

Setting aside the trust and so forth things……it’s just because they are dangerous.

After all they are, for a certain reason, troublesome and also have high degree of difficulty. Even the person who created them, me, had been training with that since when I was five, and started getting it into shape only after reaching ten years old. After that increasing the time for practice, it still took me over ten years to reach the point I am at right now.

Mom also showed interest in that, and started training along the way, but……because the magic theory and concept were completely different, even that mom of mine had a hard time.

And mom and me used to do severe training from the start, so it was quite a high-pace training too……even so it took『10 years』.

Well of course I also researched the magic and improved many of them, so it took time. Now that I have completed the theories completely and are all in my brain……it might be possible to teach it to others in short time.

……Even so, taking all that in consideration, the current Elk is just doesn’t have sufficient ability.

Therefore I am perfectly fine to teach her immediately if based on trust……however, it will be just bad for her to learn that unless her control on magical energy increases.

Hearing all that……Elk sighed heavily.

「Well I did knew it……that good things don’t show themselves easily to you. If I could use them, then maybe I could’ve known the source of that『voice』……」

Aaah, I see.

That strange『voice』she heard (apparently) in daytime. Elk is still saying that it couldn’t be anything like illusion. Her physical condition is not bad enough, neither she lacked sleep enough to actually hear auditory hallucination.

……Except the days when even I have lack of sleep together with her.

She said that it didn’t had any sort of unclear feeling to it. That the feelings in voice were clearly transmitted.

It was so clear that……it seemed like sometimes talking directly in her head.

……No, wait a minute. 『Hearing directly in head』doesn’t that make it more of a illusion……no, no, no wait a minute.

(Don’t tell me that directly hearing in the head means……?)

I suddenly remembered that phrase, took the『Nercronomicon』from Elk, and started flipping the pages hurriedly.

Err, if I’m right, I read something like that yesterday……Found it!

「Isn’t it this?『Telepathy』」


On the page opened was……the thing that was famous even in my previous world, however not as magic but as psychic ability, the so-called『Telepathy』.

Literally, this is a way to talk with a person far from you without using voice, but thoughts as intermediary. Although it needs talent for using but it is quite popular magic out there.

Among the magicians present in the military, there are many of them who have learned this for communication purposes.

Reading the theory behind it……it is quite obvious I can’t use it. Damn it.

Setting my rant aside, this magic is exactly like『voice reaching directly in the head』…..and also the source of voice can’t be found out, hence it matches Elk’s testimony.

But, in that case why did that『Telepathy』reached Elk? Or rather from whom?

In this city, Elk’s acquaintances are only me and Zari. In fact, she doesn’t have any acquaintance who can use such a technique.

In that case what is the meaning of Elk, who is not even that person’s friend, getting that person’s telepathic message, when I think that, the answer would be……


……That the『Telepathy』message was sent in confusion and indiscriminately……is it a rescue signal?


「……If I’m right, you heard things like『not like this』and so on, right?」

「Yeah that’s right……you want to go?」

「Just in case」

No, I still doubt it, but for the time being we both completed the preparations and left the inn.





“There’s no way it would be like that”, thinking stuff like that we both come to the place where Elk heard that『voice』in the daytime.

Just, although we came here, we don’t have clue, as of yet, of from where did that『Telepathy』message reached Elk……

In the daytime too we weren’t able to discover the source……at that time,

As if it waited for this chance, the message came.

「It came!」

「Eh, What?」

「Voice, the voice! I can hear it! Err……『Is it』, 『elp』…..probably it means『help』I think!」

You serious! Just how good this timing can be!

And that contents of message, truly seem like rescue signal……

However both me and Alva still can’t hear it, even now. ……Just why? If it is a rescue signal, then it would be heard by everyone in a fixed range for increasing the chances of rescue, isn’t that natural? Then why just Elk?

In fact from the appearance of the person『hearing』that, Elk……it can be guessed that the owner of『voice』is at it wits’ end –of course it might just Elk exaggerating- but it can’t be helped if I can’t hear it. If it is like this then it would end up the same way as in daytime.

As long it is『Telepathy』it is sure to be magic……in that case I just need to trace the origin of magical energy, however, regretfully I can’t use that sort of convenient magic.

Thereupon, Elk abruptly,



Shouted. What happened?

「Behind the big tree in the plaza located on the outskirts of the city! It was in broken pieces, but probably it said this. Mianto, let’s go!」

Ah, I see. So she heard about the place with『Telepathy』, right. Now this is great. Why was she not able to hear this much in morning? Anyhow……we now know the place.

As usual, I entrust Elk to guide me while holding a map in her hands. Like that we rushed up to the『Plaza on the outskirts of city』

Along the way, again that『voice』stopped……the person might be nearing the physical limit, so we hurried up.

However after reaching till here, it was the work of mine and Alva’s ears.

Before even reaching the plaza……I heard painful groaning voice like『Ugh……』with my enhanced ears. Aiming for the source of that voice we rushed across the plaza.

There a big treed was indeed growing……

And behind it……






A girl of about elementary school with bright green hair……was crouching.

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