Kuro no Maou Chapter 256

Well the chapter came late as NekoNekodesu had to school, probably that’s why.
And I read a comment saying:

Chapter 254:

Now that I re-read this chapter, I noticed that you typed “Marital Skill” instead of “Martial Skill” at the very end of the chapter. The actual sentence is: “Marital Skill like『Hard Body』need to be amassed, but it wasn’t absolutely necessary that all Martial Skills need to be amassed.”
Does this mean that I can gain a skill like 『Hard Body』 through being married and being beaten by my spouse? Count me in.

Chapter 255:

This time the Marital Skill strikes again, but at the first paragraph of the chapter! You have no idea how much I laugh when I see these kinds of mistakes where the sentence still makes sense but it takes on a whole new meaning.

Just too hilarious!!!

Anyhow without further due:

Chapter 256– TL: ET; ED: NEKONEKODESU;PF: No-one (no-one means this chapter is not proof read by anyone)


6 thoughts on “Kuro no Maou Chapter 256

  1. Trust me, there was a better error that I was tempted to keep in, but that would be bad

    In case you wanted to know, my autocorrect somehow interestingly corrected Lily into Siri, like the iPhone assistance AI, I laughed on the floor laughing while fixing all of em


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